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News editor | 03.11.2005 15:41 | Analysis | Workers' Movements

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Gudmundur Gunnarsson, the father of pop star Bjork, has described 2B, an employment agency that recruits Polish workers for the Kárahnjúkar hydro-dam, as engaged in 'organised crime'. This comes in response to reports by workers that a representative from 2B advised a site foreman to use beatings to punish any Poles who showed any resistance.


An entire episode of US investigative reporting show 60minutes was sponsored by Philips Electronics. The company, which paid TV company CBS $2 million for the privilage, made over $57 million from Pentagon contracts in 2003.

Chemical company Bayer has sponsored the UN environmental programme's 'Young Environmental Leaders' meeting in Bangalore; see

Low cost airline Ryanair kicked passengers off a flight for being disabled and claims its policy is endorsed by RADAR, a UK disability organisation. No it isn't, says a RADAR press release.

A report showing the ownership of TV stations across twenty EU countries has been released by EUMAP. To download it, go to

Over 400 organisations from across the US will launch a major offensive against hated supermarket chain Wal-Mart. Coordinated by Wal-MartWatch, the event is dubbed 'Higher Expectations Week', and will run from 13th to 19th November 2005. Check out for more details.

Cleaners at Deutsche bank are organising for better conditions, with a 'Justice for Cleaners' rally called for 2dn Nov. The bank, which has a UK HQ at Great Winchester St., City of London, pays just £5.25 per hour to its cleaners. This compares to the £6.8 million that the bank's top chairman made last year. For more info see

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