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IRAQ: US-Army uses Napalm and Phosphor

15-11-2004 14:45

International media and newspaper report that the US-army uses Napalm and Phosphor bombs in Falluja. Here is a summary (with links; some in foreign language)

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Lancaster Protest: Hands Off Fallujah!

15-11-2004 14:42

About 30 people gathered in Lancaster at very short notice to protest against the imperialist military assault on Fallujah. The protest took place on armistice / war remembrance day (11th Nov). The protesters held up banners saying: "Hands Off Fallujah: Troops Out Now!" and "No more Blood for Oil!"

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15-11-2004 14:27

update and links re: anti-nanotechnology protest in leeds

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Venice - No NATO! - In Falluja people die - In Venice you won’t celebrate

15-11-2004 13:07

Actions against the NATO in Venice
Demonstration at Lido - The "Fenice" Theater blocked

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Dissent! Anti-G8 Gathering 4-5 December 04

15-11-2004 11:19

Dissent! Gathering( Network of Resistance Against the G8 ) Newcastle 4th & 5th December 2004

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Solidarity with the landless of Brazil

15-11-2004 10:19

Oxford Brazil Solidarity exists to build practical solidarity with the Movement of Landless Rural Workers (MST) in Brazil. Our next meeting, to plan activities before Christmas and beyond, is at 109 Hurst St on Tuesday 16th November at 7.30pm. All welcome.

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15-11-2004 08:05

Palestinian Freedom fighter Marwan Barghouti is Arafat's probable popular successor. Fatah Secretary-General (since 1994) and a key figure in both the first Intifada and the present Intifadat al-Aqsa, Marwan sits in an Israeli jail, sentenced last June 6 and serving five life sentences plus 40 years. Israeli and international progressives should raise two demands now loud and clear: for Barghouti's immediate release from prison and for the protection of his safety wherever he is. There is a definite danger the Israeli government may decide to ‘eliminate’ him if they think he is the likely choice of the Palestinian masses.

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George Bush to visit Europe

15-11-2004 03:11

START PLANNING THOSE PROTESTS! And help spread the word throughout the Indymedia World!

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Coca-Cola meeting with Colombian Solidarity - 16th Nov - Leeds Uni

15-11-2004 01:10

Student Campaign against Coke is reaching its climax this week at Leeds Uni. Head of Communications UK for Coke is meeting with a rep. from NUSSL and from Colombian Solidarity to discuss Coke's crimes.

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Arundhati Roy says butchered Iraqi aid workers derserved fate

15-11-2004 01:03

In her acceptance speech for an Australian "peace prize", millionaire author Arundhati Roy has suggested that Margarat Hassan and others like her deserve their fates.

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£2000 reward offered for information on Oxford University Animal Abuse

15-11-2004 00:07

£2000 REWARD
For Information
Leading to the Conviction of an Animal Abuser
at Oxford University
Following yesterday's news story that Oxford University have been investigated by Thames Valley Police over an allegation of abuse against a primate being used for vivisection, SPEAK are taking the highly unusual step of offering the sum of £1000 for any information that will lead to the conviction of people in Oxford University involved in the systematic abuse of animals. (posted 14 Nov 2004) Read more...

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National Fur Demo in London - Report

14-11-2004 23:53

Daffodils in Autumn?
A great turnout of around 120 people gave shoppers and tourists a clear message on Saturday November 13th, that fur is not acceptable in London. Here are a few photos, full report to come. See

Over 100 protesters gathered at a packed Piccadilly Circus and leafleted passers-by as we waited to set off.

(Photos below)

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1 person arrested at protest at Band Aid recording

14-11-2004 21:18

Demonstrations alongside took place outside the recording of Band Aid 3 in Air Studios, Hampstead today "against the whitewashing of the real issues behind world poverty"

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Your cops are your responsiblity- The Aubonne Bridge fight continues

14-11-2004 19:05

Your Cops are your Responsibility!
On Friday the climbers of the Aubonne Bridge Action entered the Chateau in Lausanne, seat of the government of Vaud, Switzerland with a banner saying "Your cops are your responsibility!" The two activists, who nearly had been killed by the
police cutting their climbing rope during the G8 last year, together with
supporters and the press, asked the Conseil d'Etat to accept responsibility
for the actions of their police force.

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Colombia Solidarity Night: No to Killer Coke. 16th Nov

14-11-2004 18:48

Brudenell Social Club, Hyde Park from 8pm this tuesday.

benefit gig in support of Colombian trade unions murdered by Coca Cola.
Get involved in getting cocal cola products off leeds uni and leeds met campuses.
Latin American solidarity products on sale during the night

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Diwali celebration in Oxford

14-11-2004 18:29

Great Celebration of Diwali

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Palestine -The Roadmap in Tatters...What Future for Palestine ?

14-11-2004 18:28

Swansea meeting in support of Palestine...5th December

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14-11-2004 10:40