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Media Disinformation: UK Government is Planning Mass Graves in Case of Swine Flu

20-08-2009 23:20

An official UK government report --quoted extensively in Britain's tabloid media-- is warning the British public that there will be countless deaths in the case of a swine flu pandemic. According to the WHO, a Worlwide public health emergency situation will take place in the Fall.

The chilling proposals contained in the government report serve to intimidate the British public and create an atmosphere of panic. A public health crisis is being planned in a diabolical fashion.

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The 'welcoming Gate Crew' BNP Event at Codnor, Derbyshire

20-08-2009 22:48

These are a few snaps of gate crew at the entrance to the BNP Event at Codnor, Derbyshire.

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It's A4E - get me out of here

20-08-2009 21:43

What's On telly Guide

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An Open Letter To The Met, re. Climate Camp

20-08-2009 21:01

Chief Superintendent Ian Thomas of the Metropolitan Police wrote to the Camp for Climate Action earlier this week. The Climate Camp media team have written the following response...

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Eco-Anarchists Attack Luxury Car in Guadalajara, Mexico

20-08-2009 21:00

Earth Liberation Communique: 08.18.09

Eco-Anarchists Attack Luxury Car in Guadalajara, Mexico


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Direct Action; Czech, Greece, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain & UK

20-08-2009 20:46

17 HENS RESCUED (Czech Republic)
15th-20th August

17 HENS RESCUED (Czech Republic)

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Roman and saxon settlements being destroyed forever

20-08-2009 17:34

Constructors on the Olympic Highway destroy historic findings to save money

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Palestine Today 082009

20-08-2009 16:07


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday, August 20th 2009.

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SHAC newsletter 52 - out now!

20-08-2009 15:19

SHAC newsletter 52
The last three months have been devastating for Huntingdon, as their financial longevity starts to crumble. After a sustained campaign against Barclays for their position as HLS’ top institutional shareholder, they sold all of their shares, leaving Huntingdon once again below the minimum listing standards of the NYSE ARCA exchange. Unsurprisingly the NYSE have so far turned a blind eye to this breach of their own regulations, but as Barclays will tell them, there is only so long you can ignore SHAC! And it’s not just Barclays who have decided to find better places to invest their money; In the first few months of 2009, HLS lost 14 shareholders, including several from the top...

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MacAskill releases Al Megrahi

20-08-2009 13:13

Kenny MacAskill just released the innocent person convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, against heavy US pressure. He milked the limelight in his half an hour speech, blaming the UK government for failing to cooperate and repeatedly referring to Al Megrahis supposed guilt and lack of remorse.

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Far Right Extremeist Plan Riot in Luton

20-08-2009 11:19

There are moments that our movement of hope is made for. This is one of them.

In a few weeks time, football hooligans, far right extremists and Islamophobes are planning to descend on Luton, with a simple goal - to whip up fear, and religious tensions.

The last time the anti-Islam protesters marched in Luton, gangs of thugs stormed the predominantly Muslim area of the town, smashing up cars and shopfronts along the way - and forcing law abiding men and women to flea or fight to safeguard their homes and families. Riot police had to be deployed and 35 people were arrested. We can't let this happen again.sion and violence. And you won't be surprised to hear that the BNP are involved

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More freedom in eastern Europe than Big Brother Britain

20-08-2009 11:18

This article from the London Times reflects on how, as civil liberties flourish in former police states in eastern Europe, Big Brother is taking an ever increasing hold in Britain, thanks to our collective inaction.

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squats under attack

20-08-2009 11:17

police evict squat illegaly and violently

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Olympia/Tacoma May Day "Fantasic Four" Update (Fucking Support Them) (USA)

20-08-2009 10:09

Most of the four have already started their sentences, so let's fucking support them. Regardless of what you think of their actions, they are members of our community and we must support them. They are targets of the state, but most importantly they are ours. Jail can be horribly alienating so please take five minutes to help lessen the load and remind them that we are thinking of them. Oh, and course, letters/phone calls to elected officials stating your displeasure with this ridiculous witch hunt are always appreciated!

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ex-political-imprisoned women speak up against rape in Iran

20-08-2009 10:06

“ By Islamic law, it’s illegal to execute virgin girls. So, the islamic regime remedies that little problem, by staging sham “weddings” between the frightened virgin girls and prison guards the night before their executions. The guards then brutally rape the girls.”

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Interference via Twitter, Dreyfuss and NED

20-08-2009 07:40

Recent coordination between the Department of State and the Twitter
Corporation during the electoral unrest in Iran was a solid proof of the
close cooperation between media, the electronic industry (internet, etc.)
and the State Department.

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Fourth attempt to remove Constant Moussavou

20-08-2009 05:11

Constant Moussavou
Constant Moussavou, a national of Congo Brazzaville, and resident of Leicester a long time activist/member of Leicester Civil Rights Movement (LCRM). Is currently detained in Campsfield House IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Friday 21st August on Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET701 at 21:35 to Addis Ababa then ET8312 To Brazzaville Congo.

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Sottish Climate camp - The Science and the facts.

20-08-2009 01:35

The UK government is currently deciding whether to give the go-ahead to seven new coal fired power stations, the first for 30 years, including two in Scotland at Longannet in Fife and Cockenzie in East Lothian, and recently a third has been proposed on the site of the Hunterston nuclear reactor.

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Brian Haw Parliament Square anti-war vigil - Day 3000 - pics

20-08-2009 00:27

Brian with fellow square residents Barbara and Aqil
Brian has been standing vigil and camping and campaigning for peace opposite the Houses of Parliament in Parliament Square, Westminster, London for 3000 days, since June 2, 2001.