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SHAC newsletter 52 - out now!

SHAC | 20.08.2009 15:19 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Cambridge | World

The last three months have been devastating for Huntingdon, as their financial longevity starts to crumble. After a sustained campaign against Barclays for their position as HLS’ top institutional shareholder, they sold all of their shares, leaving Huntingdon once again below the minimum listing standards of the NYSE ARCA exchange. Unsurprisingly the NYSE have so far turned a blind eye to this breach of their own regulations, but as Barclays will tell them, there is only so long you can ignore SHAC! And it’s not just Barclays who have decided to find better places to invest their money; In the first few months of 2009, HLS lost 14 shareholders, including several from the top...

SHAC newsletter 52
SHAC newsletter 52

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