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New hit song from The Meat Beetles

09-04-2007 04:26

Here is the new hit song by The Meat Beetles, the sensational musical group from Hopeulikit, Georgia, the undisputed cultural center of the USA!

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Sign to close Guantanamo

09-04-2007 00:07

There’s an international campaign running to collect signatures for closing down Guantanamo.

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Zimbabwe: Talk Left, Funded Right

08-04-2007 23:40

In their zeal to demonize Zimbabwe's Zanu-PF government it sometimes seems that members of the "independent left" are working for the US government. The reason why is that many are.

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Ahmadinejad cartoons in the British press

08-04-2007 23:03

Schrank, Independent, 8 April 2007
This is a selection of Ahmadinejad cartoons published in the British press in the last three days.

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Report on International Day of Action to Free the Cuban Five

08-04-2007 20:59

Uncle Sam menaces passers-by in Newcastle
On Saturday 7th April activists from Rock around the Blockade (RATB) took to the streets across Britain to demand freedom for the Cuban Five and an end to US occupation of Guantanamo Bay. Rock Around the Blockade is the campaign set up by the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG) in solidarity with the Cuban Revolution.

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Demonstration At Dallas Court--All Communities togather

08-04-2007 20:14

Demostrators at Dallas Court
The demonstration today ( 4th April 2007) outside the Dallas Court Reporting Centre in Salford Quays was unique in the sense that several other nationalities were there to show their solidarity with Sudanese people seeking asylum in the UK and instructed to report to the Home Office authorities day. Darfur is not safe and neither is Khartoum – that is why people are seeking protection in the UK

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Iraqis Wish to Put up Saddam's Statue

08-04-2007 19:39

Iraqis who once celebrated and even participated in pulling down Saddam Hussein's statue four years ago when US tanks rolled into Baghdad in a heart-breaking scene for many Arabs and Muslims are now lamenting the good old days under the late president.

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Easter Bank Holiday Free Party Kicks in Wales

08-04-2007 19:25

Quick shout to say thousands of people have been partying at a massive multi rig easter rave in Wentwood Forest near Caldicot since last night. The beeb/cops have said at least 3000 people, probably more though.

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Brecon protest camp update.

08-04-2007 19:00

Making a grey water filter.
Spirits are high at camp despite threat of eviction. People always welcome to stay, donations very much needed.

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LNG pipeline update.

08-04-2007 18:53

PIpeline laid out ready at Peterstow near Ross-on-Wye.
DIRECT ACTION NEEDED on route from Gloucester (Corse/Tirley) to Brecon.

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Huntingdon Injunction stumbles at the last hurdle

08-04-2007 18:51

Animal testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences were hoping that their Protection from Harassment Act injunction would put an end to protest outside their sites. Last week saw the four year process finally come to a close with a whimper. Normally the mainstream press would be celebrating about the company getting their way, but the victory was hollow and the protestors came out with more than they went in with. Read on for the full account of the abuse of the law and process by Huntingdon and their solicitors, Lawson-Cruttenden.

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Protest against anti-Iranian movie in Birmingham

08-04-2007 18:40

Last night, members of the Political Association of Iran in the West Midlands (PAIRWM) held a protest against the film "300" from 18:30 till 20:00 in front of Cineworld cinema on Broad Street in Birmingham. They gave out leaflets and tried to give cinema goers information about the film's misrepresentations of Persian history.

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Resources for International Day of Action against Climate Change & G8

08-04-2007 17:54

Front of 08.06.07 Flyer
Rising Tide has now produced a number of flyers and posters to help publicise the 08.06.07 International Day of Action against Climate Change & G8 - availble to download from the Rising Tide website.

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RAPAR ---Bringing People From Different Communities Together

08-04-2007 17:00

Banner Making session
On 3rd April 2007 RAPAR’s party was just such an event: Over 70 Afghan. Bangladeshi Congolese, Libyan, Pakistani, Somali, Sudanese, Iranian and other nationalities of refugees seeking asylum came together to share ideas, food, pain, happiness and fun

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Innocent Victims

08-04-2007 16:29

A Samle Of The Cost Of Iraq

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Oaxaca does not Surrender

08-04-2007 15:16

Is a film screening and discussion to invigorate London-based solidarity with the struggle in Oaxaca. With the participation of members of Bolivia Solidarity, Africa Solidarity and activists working with Oaxacans. The discussion will attemp to develop the links between different current struggles such as climate change, multi-national control over governments among others.

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Beyond the Power

08-04-2007 11:24

The Register carried an unusually gung-ho article yesterday about the US upgrading it's submarine base at Diego Garcia. Despite salivating over the military hardware and name dropping everyone from James Bond to the SBS, it was left to someone in the comments section to point out that the island was shamefully stolen from it's inhabitants by the British.

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Nottingham Spring into Action :: Big Sprout Day Out 2

08-04-2007 11:19

Spring into Action activities continue, with Saturday being the 3rd day of activities. Earlier, folks were performing in our new shiny Market Square to entertain, but also, to inform people about these events, and the issues around climate change.

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Nottingham Spring into Action :: Big Sprout Day Out 1

08-04-2007 11:08

Spring into Action activities continue, with Saturday being the 3rd day of activities. Some folks were performing in our new shiny Market Square to entertain, but also, to inform people about these events, and the issues around climate change.

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Israel is in deep trouble.

08-04-2007 10:28

Israel inspected
We should try and help out. we owe them that much.