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29-05-2003 15:56

Anti-USA News Agency

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Bush & 7 MILLION Deaths

29-05-2003 15:56

15 Billion

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GM Crops Family Tree

29-05-2003 15:52

As 3 corporations, Bayer, Monsanto and Syngenta, push for the commercial growing of GM crops in the UK, Corporate Watch brings you the biotech family tree. The family tree shows the complex tangle of name changes, spin-offs, joint ventures and acquisitions woven by the biotech industry during 10 years of rapid expansion, consolidation and crisis.

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LAUSANNE, info on tear gas ( translated )

29-05-2003 15:50

this is the tear gas policy used in Lauzanne (translation of the original article from Swiss Indymedia).

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Friday - London CRITICAL MASS!! Come out in the Sun!

29-05-2003 15:28

ITs friday and time for Critical Mass! Be at the southbank for 6pm to join the monthly ride in what should be amazing weather!

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Intergalactic g8 protest camp grows

29-05-2003 15:08

Hundreds of people streamed into the protest camps at Annemasse, France this morning as the build up for protest against the g8 leaders summit continues. Bento reports from one of the two camps, Intergalactic.

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In Colombia they don't just kill TU's

29-05-2003 14:16

What the Colombian government, with American aid, is not doing in Colombia is nobody's buisness.

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Viva Carlo - Lyrics and Music - (English)

29-05-2003 13:41

I've had requests via email to the lyrics and music link to Viva Carlo so here it is for everyone to use this weekend

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Syria's continued occupation of Lebanon

29-05-2003 13:06

Syria has engaged in an illegal military occupation, not for self-defense purposes but for aggressive purposes, since 1975

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G8 : first police

29-05-2003 12:44

The border Police (in Mont Blanc tunnel) prohibited the entrance in France for 4 Italians from Milano in route to the G8 demo (translation)

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The outlaw fathers fighting back

29-05-2003 11:38

Copy of article from "The Scotsman" newspaper 29 May 2003.

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29-05-2003 11:37


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Iraq May have destroyed WMD

29-05-2003 11:18

well it's semi official when most of the sheeple have already forgotten about the War on Iraq and all the dead Iraqies
yankkkees quietly let it slip that their main reason for
invading Iraq "may" have been fake no WMD and Saddam is still on the lose probably shacked, in Florida, with Bin Laden waiting for their next mission for Mossad...

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For a co-ordination against prisons and the repressive society that spawns them

29-05-2003 10:56

For a co-ordination against prisons and the repressive society that spawns them.
An invitation to participate in a collective action to occupy a prison construction site.

Upcoming co-ordinating meeting in Marseille, France. On the 6,7,8 June 2003
Brooklyn Squat, 9 Rue de Fauchier, just off the Marceau roundabout.
Tel: 0033612389628 / 0033612693900 or

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Proof of Iraqs weapons of mass destruction

29-05-2003 09:14

Sattallite photos of Iraqs weapons of mass destruction were published before the war. Also Iraqi scientists who fled Iraq before the war confirmed that Iraq definitly did have weapons of mass destruction and was attempting to build nuclear weapons!

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The Labor Theory of Female Value

29-05-2003 08:24

The latest in a series of essays about Organized Male Violence. Please read them all, links below.

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corporate media g8 coverage resource

29-05-2003 08:09

this is a place to collect links to corporate media articles about the G8 in Evian.

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more terrorism ,please

29-05-2003 08:03

the real terrorists

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ISM: Tom Hurndall Returns Home Today

29-05-2003 07:17


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ISM Reports: Terrorising Tulkarem + News From Nablus + Jenin

29-05-2003 07:13

1) Terrorizing Tulkarem
2) Reclaiming the City of Nablus
3) ‘Coming and Going’_ Ewa in Jenin