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Gleneagles G8 Protests – Retaining the Initiative

01-06-2005 11:18

Book your trains, coaches planes, and minibuses, oil your bike wheels and polish your walking boots. Seize the Gleneagles G8 days for true justice - seize the initive.

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01-06-2005 10:33

Five 'Live8' concerts have been announced for 2 july in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Philadelphia. The events, organised by Live Aid’s Bob Geldof, are a star-studded response to ongoing third world poverty timed to impact on the G8 finance talks taking place in Glasgow that week. The shows will be free to the public.

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01-06-2005 10:21

a toyota subvert from the leeds area.

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Referendum per le donne

01-06-2005 10:10

In italia e' stata approvata una legge che sancisce il diritto giuridico dell'embrione.
Cioe' l'embrione e' considerata persona a pari diitti della madre. Questo e' un grave attacco all'autodeterminazione della donna e alla laicita' dello stato.

Il 13 e 13 giugno si votera' per l'abrogazione di parte della legge. Invitiamo tutti gli Italiani anche quelli residenti all'estero ad andare a votare in massa.


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Kenya Airways (50% owned by KLM) profits from UK Immigration deportations

01-06-2005 09:29

Kenya Airways flight KQ101 at 20.00 from Heathrow terminal 4 on Tuesdays and Thursdays is regulalry used by Immigration to return refugees by force to the countries they fled from persecution.

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Kenya Airways (50% owned by KLM) profits from deportation of refugees

01-06-2005 09:05

Kenya Airways flight KQ101 at 20.00 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from Heathrow terminal 4, regularly carry refugees who have sought asylum in the UK and been refused, back to where they were persecuted.

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Gay Turk jailed and beaten

01-06-2005 08:53

URGENT ACTION – Email Turkish Prime Minister.
War Resisters' International fears for the safety of imprisoned Turkish conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan, presently awaiting trial in the Military Prison at Sivas.

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The publication of the photographs of Saddam Hussein

01-06-2005 04:02

The publication of the photographs of Saddam Hussein by the Sun is not only a flagrant violation of the 3th Geneva Convention, it also violates the human right on dignity of every prisoner of war, regardless of the crime

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Zarqawi tape 'magic'

01-06-2005 02:05

Zarqawi, whom the US has declared is their 'demon' in Iraq, is used as an excuse for the killing over 100,000 innocent men women and children, simply described as 'Collateral Damage' by the US and its allies, who failed to count the dead.

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Bank Hol Weekend Animal Abusers Nightmare

01-06-2005 00:53

Ok, fair enough, it's all very nice raving away and dressing up as clowns over the bank holiday period in the UK .. here's some accounts of real revolutionary action on ground level during that period.

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J20 San Diego Reclaim the Streets film

31-05-2005 22:56

Counter Inaugural Reclaim the Streets in San Diego. We're just finishing up the film...

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A Call out for a Walking tour of links to Migration Control.

31-05-2005 21:25

A Call out for a Walking tour of links to Migration Control.

We need Tour guides, Music makers and performers of all variety.

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JOIN Venezuela News & Action, a free weekly bulletin on Venezuelan democr

31-05-2005 20:54

You can help support Venezuelan sovereignty and stay on top of the latest political events with our concise, once-weekly electronic bulletin.

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Violent Arrests at EDO Big Demo, Brighton !!! Phone the cops now!

31-05-2005 19:02

At least 7 people were violently arrested at the Big demo at arms dealers EDO MBM in Brighton today. PHONE CHIEF INSPECTOR KERRY COX on 0845 6070999 to protest the brutal arrests of at least 7 antiwar/civil rights activists!

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Embargo called on Brighton police following brutal arrest of peace protestors

31-05-2005 18:30

Brighton Police brutally arrest 8 anti-Edo peace campaigners - please ring Sussex police now!

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G8: Live8 Concerts to Mobilise 1 million for Edinburgh July 6th Demo!

31-05-2005 17:10

Following intense media speculation the plan around the Make Poverty History alligned Live Aid concerts is currently being revealed.

The concerts on July 2nd will be used to encourage hundreds of thousands of people to then make the journey up to Scotland for the start of the G8 Summit on Wednesday 6th July.

The Live8 website has gone live today:

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Get on board the train for G8! Ticket deadline June 13th!!

31-05-2005 16:46

SE Assembly Transport Office now open!
Wed & Thur, 2pm - 8pm
LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel E1
You can buy tickets here for cash.

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Live 8 - Saturday 2 July 2005 - Hyde park

31-05-2005 15:48

Bob Geldolf in Africa
The rumoured "Live Aid II" concert, under the name of Live 8 to coincide with the G8 Summit, is now confirmed as happening. The show will publicise the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaign, rather than raise cash. Applications for tickets will be via a text message lottery (at £1.50 per text plus normal network charge), as revealed earlier today.

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Holland votes NO to European Superstate and wars

31-05-2005 14:06

Future wars by the US/NATO/EU-Army without a UN Mandate