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critical mass lock-on at aviation conference at tower bridge tonight

29-11-2005 21:42

a genuinely harmless plane
among various attempts to protest and disrupt the aviation conference, tonight's gala dinner at the tower bridge rooms was the target of critical mass, and an attempt to delay delegates by locking on across the embankment.

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new tentcity on Sunday come hell or high water

29-11-2005 21:24

asserting the right to live

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Police brutality at St Agnes - eviction completed

29-11-2005 21:17

Last resisting squatter removed in ambulance as eviction brutality completed

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infousurpa n1

29-11-2005 20:58

This is the number 1

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Belgium Kills Cats!!!!

29-11-2005 20:02

Belgium's Little Secret

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St Agnes Place eviction: more photos

29-11-2005 18:51

A very broad cordon has been put around the area, so making it very difficult to see what's going on.

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Lt. Col. Tim Spicer OBE's company urgently needs a new name!

29-11-2005 18:24

A mercenary's lot is never a happy one...

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International Day of Euskara (Basque language)

29-11-2005 17:11

Declaration of Eusko Ikaskuntza - Basque Studies Society celebrating the International Euskara Day

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ZineFest Manchester Feb 8-12 2006

29-11-2005 16:44

ZineFest is a festival of zines, anti-corporate artwork, and diy publications which will take place on Feb 8-12 in Manchester at the Basement Bookshop, 24 Lever St. The purpose is to showcase some amazing zines,music and artwork, to promote DIY publishing,

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St.Agnes place eviction: Interview with citizen journalists

29-11-2005 16:41

This is a write-up following a telephone interview with a film team working the grounds at St. Agnes place.

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OutRage!-supports Iran students demo 7 Dec.

29-11-2005 16:17

gay rights group Outrage! has called on all LGBT people to support the demo on Weds 7 Dec 2005 organized primarilyto support Iranian students.

5 more gay people have been 'executed' in Iran recently.

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How Hollywood is attempting to help make more war

29-11-2005 15:50

"Given the spiraling rate at which the true intentions of the USA is
unravelling, let's take a moment to see how Hollywood is attempting to help
keep alive the false hysteria of "war on terror."
Tens or may be even hundreds of books are in the works or even published to help maintain or step up
the hysteria -- there is a terrorist lurking in the corner.

I can count 4 obvious movies released this season to detract the public from the truth. "

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Support occupation of cafe on Broadway Market

29-11-2005 15:44

A local cafe on Broadway market, London E8, is being occupied by locals to prevent its demolition. Tony Platia, who had been running the cafe for 30 years, was evicted in July by a property developer who owns half of the street and now wants to build luxury flats. The occupation needs support.

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Two Edinburgh G8 court cases collapse

29-11-2005 14:57

Two recent G8 court cases in Edinburgh saw the prosecution case completely collapse. Defendants were found not guilty when the Procurator Fiscal threw in the towel halfway through the trials.

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Solidarity needed in France Monsanto win damages against Confederatione Paysanne

29-11-2005 14:51

Monsanto are having better fortunes in France . Confederatione Paysanne whose spokesman you may remember is Jose Bové is now facing another prison sentence and the Confederatione have been ordered to pay damages of 195,000 euros for pilling up a plot of GMOs in 1998 . 18,000 euros has already been taken from their account. A solidarity fund has been set using a different account

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St Agnes eviction, photos.

29-11-2005 14:42

Unwelcome visitors.
Over 200 bailiffs and riot cops deployed to make 100 people homeless.

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cyclical gravity greenhouse liquid capillary action energy generator

29-11-2005 14:38

New energy device not being given chance due to snobbery of establishment.

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Political prisoners in Uruguay again

29-11-2005 14:18

Second Freddom March
Today we are experiencing a very grave situation in Uruguay. There was a protest on November 4 in the financial district of Montevideo as part of a continental movilization against the IV Summit of the Americas, the presence of Bush on Latin American soil, the FTAA and the US-Uruguay Free Trade Agreement. The protest resulted in riots and savage police repression, which was broadly covered by the press. The violent police repression reached its conclusion with several wounded and the arbitrary detention of 16 people, 4 of which are in prison being processed for the crime of ’sedition.’ This is clearly a political charge and it carries a sentence of 2 to 6 six in jail.

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BeyondTV International Film Festival 2005

29-11-2005 14:13

Secret Society of Active Art in Wales receiving their Misty
BeyondTV 2005, an international film festival organised by Undercurrents, took place in Swansea at the Dylan Thomas Centre over the weekend Friday-Sunday 25-27 November 2005.

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Blair under the desk.

29-11-2005 14:00

I'm not here.
The Chancellor might ring.