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ZineFest Manchester Feb 8-12 2006

katie | 29.11.2005 16:44 | Culture

ZineFest is a festival of zines, anti-corporate artwork, and diy publications which will take place on Feb 8-12 in Manchester at the Basement Bookshop, 24 Lever St. The purpose is to showcase some amazing zines,music and artwork, to promote DIY publishing,

and to get a bunch of creative people together to inspire and encourage each-other. Rather than focusing on one scene or genre we want include as many different styles and flavours of self-published work as possible.

We're looking for people who would like to:

- do a stall on Sunday Feb 12 to promote their zines/distro/artwork
- contribute zines or artwork to display.
- get involved in organizing the event (probably easier if you live in Manchester though)
- put on a workshop on Feb 12. workshops can be anything you like as long as it relates somewhat to the general principles of the event.

some ideas we've had so far are:

- 15 minutes of fame of a fanzine writer - writing personal stuff in zines
- map-making zines
- zines and the internet - debate
- advert redesign / subvertising
- copyright / anti-copyright / Creative Commons licenses
- blags - free photocopying etc.
- beginners zine writing workshop - with a panel of experienced
zine-writing 'experts'
- readings
- how to do readings for shy people
- writing (positive, non-exploitative) smut
- feminist zines
- politics of DIY

No homophobic/racist/sexist behaviour or materiel will be tolerated. Party-political literature isn't welcome in the Basement, and also the Basement is a vegan space (and you can get nummy vegan food at the cafe).

To get involved or get more information email:

- e-mail:


correct email address

03.12.2005 16:25

the correct email address is



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