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M3 Sheffield Demonstration

03-05-2003 16:41

M3 Sheffield Demonstration
There was a "Protest against War, Racism and Privatisation" in Sheffield on 3rd March 2003. (article 1)

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Cannabis Day London - LIVE VIDEO!!

03-05-2003 15:57

Cannabis Day London - LIVE VIDEO!!
Currently streaming out live video (Real) from Cannabis Day/Festival in Brockwell Park, London over bi-directional satellite link. Enjoy! ( &

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Mayday 2003-B&W Photos

03-05-2003 15:57

Mayday 2003-B&W Photos
Photos of carnival,cycle ride, and the police riot that followed. (article 1)

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BAe Systems AGM

03-05-2003 13:54

Anyone got any pictures they'd like to upload?

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ISM ( UK ) Statement on British Suicide Bombers

03-05-2003 13:50

With the vague associations being made in the UK Press yesterday and today between ISM Rafah and the recent British Suicide Bombers ISM activists in the UK have released this statement to the press.

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Kent State Massacre

03-05-2003 13:20

While commemorating May Day, the Haymarket tragedy in chicago , 1886, recall that the Ohio National Guard in Kent, Ohio USA opened fire and killed Kent state University students. Many more were wounded,maimed for life, some while just walking to class.

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Support Immigrant Rights in Japan

03-05-2003 11:40

Immigrants and asylum seekers in Japan need your help.

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Banned pupil is 'silly girl' says judge

03-05-2003 09:53

A high court judge yesterday modified an exclusion order on a teenager banned from school for 30 days after she organised a demonstration outside the school against the war in Iraq. Mr Justice Collins branded Elena Grice, 15, "a very silly girl" and said she had been justifiably disciplined over clashes with the school authorities, and not just over the demonstration.

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Railroad postcard (by Latuff)

03-05-2003 05:52

I just turned one of my railroad pics into a postcard: Download this hi-res image (433KB), choose a good printer (laser preferable), take a quality paper and print copies to share with friends. My way to say "thanks" to you, who are supporting my art for so long.

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war on iraq: conceived in israel

03-05-2003 04:01

by stephen sniegoski
go to link to access parts 2 to 5. Well worth a read

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Palestinians need sane leaders

03-05-2003 03:52

While Israel has democratically elected leaders in and out every few years, who have tried many peace approaches, Palestinians have been lead to ruin by the same single terrorist leader for 35 years in a row, Yasser Arafat.

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03-05-2003 03:03

James holds various prestigious awards for his work. He is perhaps most famed for his work as cameraman and associate producer on "Innocents Lost" investigating human rights abuses against children throughout the world. This won an Emmy and the Robert F Kennedy Memorial Award for International Journalism. James Miller was shot dead today while filming a documentary on how zionazi home demolitions affect Palestinian children. Miller and two colleagues were simultaneously filming and waving a white flag as they walked toward the tank when the tank opened fire.

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UK Social Forum

03-05-2003 02:30

We need a UK social forum...

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03-05-2003 01:52

Created most stringent pesticide policy in schools in the United States.

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Fact sheet on George W Bush's magnificent military record

03-05-2003 00:44

Fact sheet on George W Bush's magnificent military record
Bush on why the Air National Guard took him:
"They could sense I would be one of the great pilots of all time."
Houston Chronicle, August 1988

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1,112 and Counting - A historic article that helped start the fight against AIDS

03-05-2003 00:30

Unavailable before on the internet, this is the full text of the 1983 article that helped start the movement against AIDS. Please spread widely. (go to the attached link to get the .rtf file with full formatting)

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May Day - Pay Day

02-05-2003 23:56

Hope to see you's all at the RECLAIM THE STREETS PARTY on Monday 5th May

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Offline - 13 - the Indy Newssheet

02-05-2003 23:24

Here is the latest Offline as a pdf file: for you to print out and distribute - get them out there