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25-01-2006 14:52

The disproportionate imprisoning of young black people has always been an inevitable result of a criminal justice system inbuilt at every level with racist attitudes and an antipathy towards the black working class community. The facts speak for themselves; while black people make up just 2 per cent of the total population in England and Wales, the Home Offices own statistics for Feb 2003 showed that 16 per cent of all male prisoners are black and 25 per cent of all female prisoners were from the black population.

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The Iranian Security Dilemma and US-European Warmongering

25-01-2006 14:39

Preventing a potential nuclear power like Iran is conceivable if Israel simultaneously makes concessions.. I cannot understand why the Iranian leadership remains defensive without setting the decisive problem-its own security dilemma and Israeli nuclear potential-on the agenda

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Landon Class War:We Did Not Vote for This!

25-01-2006 14:32

Class War readers with relatively long memories will
recall a predictable pattern at each general election.

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Sheffield/Nation Wide Protest against the Incapacity Benefit reforms

25-01-2006 14:21

protest sheffield/nationwide against the IB cuts.....

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A month of workshops and action around transport

25-01-2006 13:46

Saturday club present a month of workshops, activities and action around TRANSPORT

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25-01-2006 13:03

A campaign to unite all anti-war/peace groups and individuals against the war in Iraq. Regardless of your reasons, religion, location, politics etc. we can all stand together, with this free, continuous, peaceful form of protest.

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manchester critical mass and bike films

25-01-2006 12:10

This friday is critical mass...woohooo. 6pm at central library for bike riding round the city. then we can go to eat nice food and watch bellville rendezvous (food and film only open to cm-ers!)..

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manchester climate camp meeting tues 7th feb 6.30pm

25-01-2006 12:02

a meeting for those wishing to be part of the manchester neighbourhood at the camp for climate action, and also build up links of people in manchester wanting to take action on climate change.

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indymedia video: Clearer Channel

25-01-2006 10:27


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Green Fuel Firm Faces Tax Hike

25-01-2006 10:18

Inland Revenue hits budding business with a 73 per cent duty hike, bringing the tax payable on vegetable oil fuel (new and used) to 47p per litre -- the same as for petrol or diesel.

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The Agrexco Seven - Day Two

25-01-2006 09:09

Don't buy dem fruits
Tuesday in court 4 at Uxbridge Magistrates Court, and the prosecution is still presenting its case. A clutch of cops testify and in the afternoon everyone gets comfortable for the premier of the 50 minute video of the action, shot be the cops. Line of the day is about 20 minutes into the vidoe when the operator is heard to say "I hope this thing is working Frank!"

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25-01-2006 09:01

Ustiben report

A UK council voted last night (24 Jan) to carry out
what is seen by many as a policy of ethnic-cleansing
against Romanies and Travellers.

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Italian people fight police to prevent construction of TAV train line

25-01-2006 08:36

intervention against olympics
Mulitple battles in many cities as Italian people attempt to stop the construction of the environmentally destructive TAV high-speed train line from being built. They are also fighting against the Winter Olympics in Turin, the games of capital and finance.

Destroy the Olympics!
Destroy the TAV!

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A Million People on Incapacity Benefit to be Forced Back to Work

25-01-2006 07:34

DWP Secretary John Hutton has announced plans to force 1 M diabled people and long-term chronically ill into work. Those who refuse work-focused interviews and other "rehabilitation" will have the benefit docked. He will aslo put spies in GP surgeries - this has already begun!

There is a protest today against Dr Simon Wessely, one of the main people behind the "no one is really chronically ill it's just in their minds" school of thought.

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Tyler Nordgren, Conglomco

25-01-2006 07:15

Interview with Tyler of Conglomco about culture hacking

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Stop the War Against Iran before it starts!

25-01-2006 02:28

13 December 2005: Major Success by the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran in the London International Peace Conference Click here to read more...
Stop the War Against Iran Before It Starts!

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US military prepares for at least 20 years of ' Long War.'

24-01-2006 20:47

US military sources report that the 'long war' will be global and go beyond Iraq and will last at least 20 years.

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Kansas State University:Bush says

24-01-2006 20:37

That Tony was not interested in politics.

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24-01-2006 20:36

On 7th December 2005 Tony Benn and forty three others, sent a letter to The UN and to the UK Attorney General asking them to investigate breaches of The Nuremberg Charter and Geneva and Hague Conventions during the Iraq War.

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Infousurpa n10 Weekly poster for social centres activities

24-01-2006 20:31

Weekly independent poster for social centres activities