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What are They fighting for ?

18-12-2004 12:28

False Democracy?
Ever thought you were not given the complete picture, filling in the empty space with conspiracy theories, more lies, fantasies destroyed as reality unfolds pushing aside the lies and deceptions
,Too many questions left unanswered, imaginations fuelling speculation in the void and all we are left with is dented pride.
But we mean well
Well if your like me, I go digging and ‘looky here’ what I found

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Hopeless Lambeth council ignores trade unions and health service users

18-12-2004 11:47

Hopeless Lambeth council ignores trade unions and health service users, even though it was really hard to

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Pentagon to Publish Propaganda-Laden Bibles

18-12-2004 07:20

The Dept. of Defense plans to buy thousands of Bibles containing Army-specific photos and text-inserts, which it will distribute to the elite Special Operations Command.

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Tali Fahima - Jailed Israeli Peace Activist in Court Today *Solidarity Needed*

18-12-2004 04:47

Tali Fahima is one of only 2 Israelies (the other being a zionist findamentalist settler) to be interned without charge in an Israeli prison like thousands of Palestinians. She is being punished for getting to know the Israel's Most Wanted - Zakaria Zubeidi, head of Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Jenin Camp.

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Iraq Plunder Promoters Targetted Again - legal briefing given2them.V.interesting

18-12-2004 01:05

Following on from the successful action two days ago when anti-war activists laid Windrush Communications, organisers of the Iraq Procurement Conferences, here below is a copy of the legal briefing we gave them. Noone at Windrush's offices will forget the day we came to visit them and some may even now know why their conference in April was targetted and how they are breaking international law with the work that they do. The below is generic and could be used against any company involved in the privatisation of Iraq's assets, properties or resources.

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Bicycle Film Festival Call for Entries

18-12-2004 00:44

The Bicycle Film Festival is seeking submissions for its fifth annual Festival.

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Dress better than people you hate

17-12-2004 23:37

Selene and Ilona
Rampart Street Social and Creative Centre hosted an anti-fashion show by Selene on Friday 17th December. A stunning aray of fashion created entirely from fabrics and trimmings found on the local streets was backed by original artworks and music. These clothes are available on your local high street - but you need to make them: no sweatshops involved.

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Alternative Carols for Palestine

17-12-2004 21:47

On Thursday there was much carol singing in Cornmarket Oxford. We were just about to start singing alternative Carols for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign when we were trumped by the choir of St Michael’s at the Northgate.

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Poland-Anarchist in trouble!

17-12-2004 18:10


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Iran not off the hook yet

17-12-2004 17:59

The US and Iran are headed for a Neocon driven confrontation, say three of America's leading experts. But an Administration desire to control the Persian Gulf's energy, not nuclear questions, is the real force driving a clash, making Iran "the frontline state in the anti-hegemonist camp".

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"Dear Mrs. Blair" film screening in Glasgow

17-12-2004 17:30

A film by Camcorder Guerillas

SUN, 19 DEC 2004, 7:30-8:30pm
Glasgow Film Theatre-CINEMA 1
12 Rose Street
Glasgow G3 6RB

‘Dear Mrs Blair’ is a personal video letter to Cherie Blair, mother to mother from Rose Gentle. Rose’s son, Gordon, was killed on 28 June 2004 in Iraq. He joined the army at the age of 19, in a job centre in Glasgow, just six months before his death.

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Striking Parellels: Africa and the Middle East?!

17-12-2004 16:56

A little bit long but do read on!

This is an extract from today's edition of The Independent...

...followed by a *SUBTLY ALTERED VERSION* of the same text.

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17-12-2004 16:55

The Washington Post is reporting that the Central Intelligence Agency has run a secret prison within Guantanamo Bay's detention facility.

In its Friday edition, the newspaper said the secret prison was set up to house valuable al-Qaida suspects.

Citing military officials and current and former intelligence officers, the newspaper said the CIA facility was built over the past year within a larger....


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Destruction of Rainforests in Tasmania

17-12-2004 16:25

Part of Tasmania is covered by a temperate rainforest. Less than 20% of the original rainforest is left, and at the current rate of destruction, what little remains will soon will be lost.

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Update on Brum Social Centre and Santa Resistance

17-12-2004 13:14

Teas-up on the roof protest. Do Brum City Council know it's Christmas yet?
Update on Brum Social Centre and stills of the Santa Eviction Resistance possee in full seasonal effect.

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Cuba, Venezuela reject US-sponsored FTAA, back Chavez plan

17-12-2004 12:17

Cuba and Venezuela on Wednesday rejected US efforts to forge a free trade area of the two Americas and endorsed a Chavez alternative plan for Latin American and Caribbean integration.

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GAP Christmas Appeal

17-12-2004 12:07


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rampART radio

17-12-2004 09:39

please listen to rampART radio this weekend.. its our birthday here at the rampART creative space.. we will have many good shows and tasty sound bites for your delictation.. support the uk's best radio indymedia station!
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