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Dress better than people you hate

carosinclair | 17.12.2004 23:37 | European Social Forum | Culture | Free Spaces | London | World

Rampart Street Social and Creative Centre hosted an anti-fashion show by Selene on Friday 17th December. A stunning aray of fashion created entirely from fabrics and trimmings found on the local streets was backed by original artworks and music. These clothes are available on your local high street - but you need to make them: no sweatshops involved.

Selene and Ilona
Selene and Ilona


The crowd (smaller than had been hoped) seemed to be more appreciative the less fabric was actually on show, but any suggestion of gender bias to appreciation of skin rather than fashion is quite unwarranted - besides, they liked the stockings.

The clothes were modern and feminine, mostly following the body with a lot of slinky bias cutting, but some stunning use of lace ruffles and circular sleeves. Colours were reminiscent of a morning dert under a pale blue sky. Selene created all of the clothes in three very long days, and was understandably a little tired and emotional, but happy with her work: as she deserved to be.

This show "Halo Rampart - Dress Better than People you Hate" is a work on route to the ALTERNATIVE LONDON FASHION WEEK in February 2005.

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