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What are They fighting for ?

Simon Willace - | 18.12.2004 12:28 | Anti-militarism | Education | Repression | London

False Democracy?
Ever thought you were not given the complete picture, filling in the empty space with conspiracy theories, more lies, fantasies destroyed as reality unfolds pushing aside the lies and deceptions
,Too many questions left unanswered, imaginations fuelling speculation in the void and all we are left with is dented pride.
But we mean well
Well if your like me, I go digging and ‘looky here’ what I found

Currently the war is going on in some far away place so normal folk here can just ignore it, what we need is another big demonstration just for awareness sake, but its winter close to Christmas so it will have to wait, this is not the Ukraine this is England, land of the free to be led, sheep country enough said.

This time though we should demonstrate against the occupation not against the war again, because there is no war, it’s a myth.

You see a war can only be declared between two nations, am I right? No Ones at war with Iraq; therefore they are not at war with any nation we are just killing the civilians of Iraq.

We are in a state of moral conflict while an an illegal occupation occurs and the installation of a none representational government to perform as an optical illusion of freedom while fake elections take place.

No wonder we call it a war, you try to say that lot really quickly after a few pints down the George. War is simple to under stand. Remember when they said we had never attacked another? Remember when we had a defense force? Ah how things have changed. But it gets worse.

Now I’m going to go out on a limb here, I’ve heard told, (mentioned fleetingly in Western press) that the current puppet interim government is run by the same Iraqi/Americans who were imported as part of the coalition forces(of the dragged kicking and screaming)

Amongst this mixed bag of Iraqi Rejects were Hundreds of other ex Iraqi dissidents who were trained by American secret services for covert operations. They are used now to undermine any and all opposition to the American pretences in Iraq. (Their first purpose)

The Anglocised Iraqi’s who now inhabit the green zone were the ones responsible for feeding all the WMD information to the west before the war, remember CIA employed Allawi (polite to spell it right) and Chalabi (ptsir) the bank robber who’s presiding over the War Crimes Kangaroo Court.

This is a big deal now because these guys were paid for setting up Saddam and are now rewarded for creating the lie that began the 2003 invasion.

From a less than unreliable source I am also informed that 500 individuals have registered to be candidates for the forth coming elections.
if the voters match the enthusiasm for American deceptions there will be a bloodbath awaiting them at the polls.

Last I heard there were 165 individuals or groups standing as candidates but that was last week so there could be a few more by now. Some of course are the loonies, the screaming ninnies and big business have not taken the initiative to groom a helpful representative just yet, but America has already displayed that initiative.

As I mentioned the Americans packed a contingent of Anglocized Iraqi’s before the misadventure, they were employed trained and installed, some moving amongst the civilian population as refuges or returning Iraqis after years in exile, they were flown in under cover in their thousands, cashed up and dropped in imbedded in Iraqi civilization to work as spies.

You have heard about them before, they were trained in Poland and were recruited from across the world before the invasion began.

Ah now you remember, funny how a year out of newsprint and everyone forgets.

During the first months of conflict some of the Anglo Iraqis or Iraqi American infiltrators were killed by western attacks and others were exposed as collaborators and executed, but some, more than enough survived and are now registered as candidates for the forthcoming election, the Democracy has not just been spiked, its been rigged.

In some Democracies it called Branch Stacking, but in Iraq its a fix

‘Democracy is as tangible as peace is real; both exist only briefly between battles for power’. SW

So this is what they fight for, sure Iraq will get the vote but America stacked it in western favor, paid for it, organized it, and loaded it, with criminal intention, to intervene and create a puppet regime, under the noses of the world, and by seemingly obeying all the rules of having a fair and open election.
Thats why they are in such a hurry, it will not take long before all the standins are done.

Well done America, land of the free to bullshit frequently.

Sounds like a conspiracy, but it is no theory.

Thankyou for you’re time

Simon Willace -
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