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29-08-2009 09:20

The Committee is promoting an international petition to put forward the human rights organization EveryOne Group as a candidate for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Most of us belong to Roma families originating from Romania or the former Yugoslavia. Our families have suffered every form of violence and discrimination, both in Italy and in other European countries. EveryOne Group has also promoted initiatives for peace, the memory of the Holocaust and against the persecution of minorities...

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Devon housing association installs spy cameras in flats

29-08-2009 08:42

The Riviera Housing Trust in Torquay is fitting over 100 cameras in corridors and staircases at its flats in Pendennis Rd. They claim it is to improve security, but residents have accused them of Big Brother tactics. The cameras will cost £375,000 and rents may be increased to pay for them.

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Internet Monitoring at UK Universities

29-08-2009 08:24

UK Universities are monitoring/recording all websites visited by all students and staff through a 'proxy' portal.

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Dialect - Global Economic Crisis or Global Confidence Trick?

29-08-2009 00:11

29Aug09 - Global Economic Crisis or Global Confidence Trick?
plus Rejuvenating Easton and part 1 of John Pilger on ‘hypnotist’ Barack Obama.

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Sussex Police Plan for anti-protest Dispersal Order at EDO Factory

28-08-2009 18:46

In 2006 Brighton arms maker EDO MBM and Sussex Police failed to get a permanent High Court injunction that would control protests at EDO MBM due to
the lack of legal justification and the abuse of the legal process by the company. It cost EDO MBM over $1 million.

Now Sussex Police internal minutes from Jan 2009 reveal they plan an even stricter ban on protest activities at the factory with the use of an anti-social behaviour 'Disperal Order'.

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No Border camp in Lesvos Greece 26th-31st August

28-08-2009 16:45

The No Borders camp began recently in Lesvos there are five hundred of us here doing a lot of cool stuff , it runs until the 30th August, keep up with it at

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Lesvos No Border camp is banging on the walls of fortress europe

28-08-2009 16:03

Pagani concentration camp
The No Border camp in Lesvos is scoring some real victories for the migrants who arrive here and are detained in horrific conditions in the infamous Pagani detention centre following the release of over two hundred migrants . We haven't closed this hellhole down but pressure is building . We want to force Greece to respect asylum rights and the free movement of migrants and to refuse its role as Europe's border guard and all terrible abuses and deaths of migrants that entails . Yesterday 22 refugees avoided having to be detained and are now at an open centre with decent living conditions.

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Climate change v environment

28-08-2009 15:33

Last night on BBC Radio 4, a programme implied that focus on climate change was to the detriment of other environmental issues.

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This Week in Palestine -Week 35 2009

28-08-2009 15:25


Welcome to This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for August 22nd to 28th, 2009

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How Meat Fish and Dairy Harm The Brain

28-08-2009 12:48

Live Science published a UCLA study of the brain
scans of obese people and found that they have an average
8% less brain mass. Why is this?

A listing of toxins in meat, fish and dairy which harm brain function

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"Anti-fascism isn't working" - spot on article in Red Pepper

28-08-2009 12:15

critique of uk anti-fascism and it's failure and suggestions as to a way forward

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AFRICOM: The Pentagon's First Direct Military Intervention In Africa

28-08-2009 10:23

While conducting wars, bombings, military interventions and invasions in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and recently Southeastern Europe over the past half century, the Pentagon has left the African continent comparatively unscathed. That is going to change after the establishment of the United States Africa Command on October 1 of 2007 and its activation a year later.

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Andy Thomas and Lawrence Gardner

28-08-2009 09:59

Andy Thomas and Lawrence Gardner work together, and Andy Thomas passes on curious messages at particular moments.

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The Amey case: Burn your bridges, save your dignity

28-08-2009 08:56

Two of the workers sacked by Amey in September 2008, who had fought for reinstatement and compensation, recently lost their legal battle, which had lasted almost a year.

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The Climate Camp, I'm confused

28-08-2009 08:40

I find myself a little confused, not for the first time admittedly. Having just come back from a wonderful direct action and environmental information camp in the English Lake District, replete with thoughts of anarchy (proper anarchy, that is) and a future that we have to make our own, the news is now full of London Climate Camp 2009 which appears to be assembling at the scene of the 14th century Peasant’s Revolt, Blackheath in south-east London. Wat Tyler would have approved of the location, but would he have approved of the motivation?

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Rose-Jane & Natale Must stay! 

28-08-2009 07:12

Rose-Jane Wanjohi a national of Kenya and her UK born daughter Natale, residents of Hyde Cheshire are currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Sunday 30th August on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 from London Heathrow @ 20:00 to Nairobi.

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Human Rights Activists Outraged that Scientology Cult Founder Compared to Gandhi

28-08-2009 05:23

Human rights activists are shocked that the Scientology criminal organization has declared its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, to have been as great a humanitarian as Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and Mahatma Gandhi - or even a greater humanitarian.

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Climate Camp Mass Action Against Barclays - Friday 2:30pm

28-08-2009 01:40


From militarism, to environmental degradation to gentrification and the oppression of migrants - the banks finance the corporations responsible.

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Anti Arms Trade Campaigners Publish Map of UK Arms Dealers

28-08-2009 00:32

Disarm DSEi anti arms trade campaigners ( have released a map showing the locations of thousands of UK arms dealers and manufacturers.

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28-08-2009 00:25

Narco damiselas del obispo
Fernando Lugo y las Narco-damiselas del Cambio.