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G8 Day3: Stirling Timeline

08-07-2005 13:50

Reports from the Hori-zone ecovillage in Stirling

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Media spotted entering and leaving Police Pen

08-07-2005 13:46

Shock! Horror! No they don't do they! Read on.

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PARTYING FOR POVERTY – Article and pictures from Edinburgh

08-07-2005 13:43

How do we change the world with marches and super musical concerts.

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G8 Day3: Edinburgh timeline

08-07-2005 13:35

While protestor are out in Glasgow on an action day about climate change, people in Edinburgh will be out for jail solidarity actions and a demonstration "Demonstration against capitalist wars and terrorism". Reports also come in from people release from prison and about people being rearrested for breach of bail conditions.

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G8 outcomes: better than nothing but...

08-07-2005 13:02

$50bn for Africa, $3bn for Palestine but no progress on climate change

In a statement outlining the results of talks at the G8 summit, Tony Blair described the G8 agreements as "a beginning not an end".

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African Activists: Make Poverty History is being co-opted

08-07-2005 12:37

Patrick Bond, Dennis Brutus and Virginia Setshedi argue that the celebrity chasing paternalism of Make Poverty History and the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) is an unwelcome retreat from the global democratic challenge to market-led globalisation.

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Green Party condemns police

08-07-2005 12:33

The Green Party of England and Wales today condemned the policing of the G8 protests.

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Glasgow "Boogie on the Bridge" Timeline

08-07-2005 11:56

News from the "Boogie on the Bridge" Street Party in Glasgow.
( Pictures 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | )

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Edinburgh street art

08-07-2005 11:54

Guerilla art from the streets of Edinburgh.

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Images from the 'Horizone' eco-village at Stirling

08-07-2005 11:47

Pics and a brief description of the protest camp

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Sugar coating the corporate agenda - the G8 spin

08-07-2005 11:42

Corporate Watch update from the G8 summit - 5th July

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police blockade at Stirling continues

08-07-2005 11:32

Only those with Exceptional circumstances allowed to leave

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Photos from 7/7 Edinburgh vigil against war and bombings

08-07-2005 11:28

Fight Poverty, Not (in) War(s)
Photos from a vigil held in Edinburgh last night. There are also photos of an Iranian contingent who were there last night and held a demonstration in the same location at 11am today. more info at

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Forth Road Bridge Section 60

08-07-2005 11:26

Police claim to have imposed a Section 60 on the Forth Road Bridge

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Pictures of kids action at Stirling eco-camp entrance on Thursday evening

08-07-2005 11:18

On Thursday evening when we wanted to leave, the kids came with their banner wanting to persuade the cops to lt them through.
But as the police lines tightened, an impromptu street party took place instead.

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The Shy Man

08-07-2005 11:12

The Shy Man
A shy man photographed whils protesting on the Make Poverty History march - who is he?

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Security failings at G8 Summit

08-07-2005 11:07

Camping in the South Ochil Hills just 2 miles from the Gleneagles Hotel we exposed a security lapse that even a fairly amateur terrorist could have exploited.

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Stirling eco-camp siege on Thursday evening

08-07-2005 11:01

On Thursday evening w passd by Stirling eco-camp site. The atmospher was calm and relaxed, with many people rcovering and having a drink.
Later on some kids had organised an actionassumingly to try to break through the police line with the Rbel Clown Army and with humour and laughter, but then gave up bcause of the huge dominance of the police and startd dancing and drumming instead aving a spontanous entrance party..

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Sick BNP tries to capitalise on the London bombings

08-07-2005 10:53

The British National Party is already trying to exploit yesterday's tragedy to spread racism and Islamophobia.

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Stirling Update - Cops Confused

08-07-2005 10:02

Police lines still in place, some confusion as to why...