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The Shy Man

Alf T | 08.07.2005 11:12 | Free Spaces | Globalisation | Repression

A shy man photographed whils protesting on the Make Poverty History march - who is he?

The Shy Man
The Shy Man

My partner and I took to the streets of Edinburgh on Sat. (2nd July) to join in the “Make poverty History” march. Whilst participating in this very well mannered and peaceful event I noticed this man photographing me, so I returned the favour and photographed him also. It was only later when I uploaded the pictures from the march that I noticed that, on seeing my camera, he became rather shy. I have digitally altered the picture to preserve the anonymity of all of the other people, but was wondering if anyone could identify this rather reluctant subject carrying the rather hi-tec piece of photographic equipment. If not, and as he obviously does not want his face on camera I am left only with the conclusion that this is a rather sinister person, possibly in the pay of the government; and if this is the case, given the events in London on the 7th July, would this person not be better employed tracking down terrorists rather than photographing peaceful protesters?

Alf T
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