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General Srtike in Italy (2)!!

18-10-2002 13:47

For more informations about the strike.

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John Pilger on Bali, Indonesia and State Terrorism

18-10-2002 13:36

For 40 years, Australian governments have colluded with state terrorism in Indonesia. Now, the Bali outrage allows John Howard to distract attention from his hypocrisy : John Pilger : 17 Oct 2002

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General Strike in Italy!!

18-10-2002 13:31

General Stike in Italy.

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Memior of Pentagon Papers

18-10-2002 12:17

Daniel Ellsberg's memoirs have just been published.
Back in 1969 it took an immense effort to leak the crucial
and damning Pentagon Papers documenting the lies and deceit
underpinning the Vietnam War. These days all it takes is
an email. Where are they now?

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Chomsky, Iraq and Ireland

18-10-2002 12:13

Today on Global Observer you can find an interview with Noam Chomsky on Italian political situation, articles on Iraq's crisis and referendum in Ireland.

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Disobedience website and meeting at Anarchist Bookfair

18-10-2002 12:11

The new Disobedience website is now up. Please note that on
the PDF version of the leaflet, it says that the assembly
on Sunday is at 3pm, PLEASE NOTE it is at 2pm.

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Police officer jailed for assault

18-10-2002 12:04

PC Keith Empsall, 42, assaulted Christopher Wilson, 27, after being called to a disturbance in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, in June last year.

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Indymedia: whose media?

18-10-2002 11:42

Why does Indymedia delete comments advocating direct action, but keeps racist, sexist and homophobic remarks? Read this before it gets deleted.

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Censorship and "Sweet Sixteen"

18-10-2002 11:32

The film "Sweet Sixteen", directed by Ken Loach, and written by Paul Laverty, was given an 18 certificate by the British Board of Film Classification.
Paul Laverty wrote the following introduction to his screenplay which critices the decision as censorsorship.

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Iraqis target Prince Andrew at arms fair

18-10-2002 09:27

I particularly like the bit where the Prince heroically "looks the other way". Why didn't he try and sell them some guns?

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how to create a terrorist

18-10-2002 06:30

a sample of justice in 'the only democracy in the middle east'

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UK stands alone in opposing European GM labelling plans

18-10-2002 00:40

The UK Government will be the only EU country to oppose European Commission proposals to ensure that food containing GM-derived ingredients is properly labelled when European Environment Ministers discuss the issue in Luxembourg tomorrow (Thursday 17).

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First North Korea, now Vieques!

18-10-2002 00:09

This is a fine mess you've gotten us into this time, Ollie.

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17-10-2002 23:58


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Media Mogul Ate My Hamster

17-10-2002 21:43

Updated for a new print run in time for distribution at this years Anarchist Bookfair and for handing out during Media Democracy Day...

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London Anti-Zionist Jews video

17-10-2002 21:36

Reposting of a video that didn't upload properly. Now available on san Francisco Indymedia - with love - increase the peace

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Demonstration at Menwith Hill

17-10-2002 21:18

I got my own account of this up here pretty quick.
The official account from the website of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases hasn't appeared here yet so here it is

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schOUND OFF - issue 2 OUT NOW

17-10-2002 21:16

Issue two of Plymouths own independent newssheet is out now...

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Typical American Fascists

17-10-2002 20:30

The following websites reflect the attitudes of American fascists!

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17-10-2002 20:15

German railway network Deutsche Bahn brought an action against Indymedia Netherlands for not removing
indirect links to two internet pages. The links led to
several mirror sites of the German periodical Radikal,
containing two-pages which the original host in the
Netherlands was forced to take offline because it gave
tips on how to obstruct trains carrying nuclear waste.
Other sites such as the search engine google removed
the links (and specific indirect links) when requested.