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photos of Afghanistan

01-10-2001 13:28

photos of Afghanistan
People and life, then a warship! see website link

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Academics and activists call for justice and peace

01-10-2001 12:18

international academics and activists call for peace.
we aim for this to help build global solidarity on the political and ethical issues surrounding current world events.

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Blagger's guide to the 2001 Labour Party conference

01-10-2001 12:14

As far as we know all these events are still on, though you may want to check nearer the time to be sure. All events are free, open to the public - and free drinks and refeshments are available! Get along and get involved!

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GR conference, SWP? Help me I'm lost...

01-10-2001 09:45

My experience at the GR conference, the Schnews article: Monopolise Resistance, a newcomer needing some help...

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US propaganda newspaper the "NY Times" big mouth no more as thousands resist

01-10-2001 06:25

US propaganda newspaper the "NY Times" big mouth no more as thousands resist
October 1, 2001

Marchers Oppose Waging War Against Terrorists

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Former LAPD Officer Speaks Out

01-10-2001 06:03

Follow this link.

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A new kind of COP!

01-10-2001 01:13

A new kind of COP!
Part of the heavy security cordon in place for the labour party conference. nice hat

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voyeurs at the conference

01-10-2001 01:07

voyeurs at the conference
pigs filming pigs(& maybe protestors) at Brighton.

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Labour Party conference 2

01-10-2001 01:01

Labour Party conference 2
is blair satan?

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How it is Possible to Orchestrate & Mastermind a Terrorist Attack

01-10-2001 00:55

How it is possible to orchestrate and mastermind a terrorist attack without the terrorists themselves even knowing who is really behind it.

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Labour Party conference

01-10-2001 00:54

Labour Party conference
Fuck new Labour and their fascist lies.

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SWP and Al Muhajiroun in same bed???

30-09-2001 23:46

SWP and alleged (by NUS) Muslim anti-semites holding debates, tonight and 14/10. Socialism vs Jihad.

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A Personal View of the Brighton Demo Today (30th)

30-09-2001 23:08

Under total authoritarian control! No media impact!

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Letter from Heaven

30-09-2001 23:01

So you thought that your leaders were stupider than ours, did you? Well our leaders have self-explanatory letters from the terrorists themselves. I bet that they can't top my letters though. Also UK IMC now has self-explanatory introduction to the publishing form, explaining their own criminality. Wait 24 hours for them to "knock you off".

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30-09-2001 22:39

SWP scum...

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Protests in Shannon Airport Ireland

30-09-2001 22:23

100 protest at Shannon Airport. Send bread not bombs. We dont want to be a gateway for Bushes war. One person arrested, but Irish Press dont want the story. Peace camp being set up. Please join.

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SWP /police collaboration

30-09-2001 21:55

SWP and police in joint effort against WOMBLES

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Clashes feared at conference protest groiniard

30-09-2001 21:48

Matthew Tempest, political correspondent
Friday September 28, 2001

Peace protestors demonstrating outside the Labour party conference in
Brighton this weekend fear the police will have "carte blanche" to harassthem, after the terrorist attacks in the US.

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The New New World Order (THe torygraf)

30-09-2001 21:32

The New New World Order

By Anne Applebum

news: Three American soldiers 'captured by bin Laden'

AMERICAN troops have landed in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Russia's post-communist satrapies.

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Labour Party Conference Protest in Brighton report

30-09-2001 21:20

Summary report of the Labour Party Conference protest in
Brighton today, Sept. 30, 2001