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16-03-2003 14:39

Make sure it’s not business as usual when war breaks out. The morning after war breaks out, bring Manchester to a halt during rush hour by blockading local road junctions! By disrupting the working of the city we are stopping business from carrying on as usual while the government wages a war the people don’t want.

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Girl Rock Singer Protests Bush Fascists at USA Capitol

16-03-2003 14:32

Girl Rock Singer Protests Bush Fascists at USA Capitol

Medial Black out on Anti-Fascist Protests

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Vanguard protesters recieve conditional discharges

16-03-2003 14:21

Two Trident Ploughshares protesters who gained access to HMS Vanguard in November were given conditional discharges in Plymouth magistrates court last Friday.

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Blair's Crusader-Set

16-03-2003 12:23

Chain Mail Shirt for the Well Dressed Crusader. It is recommended that long sleeve, tight fitting inner cotton clothing (Like Sweat pants and shirt) be worn for comfort. It is not recommended that you wear the armor outside in extreme hot, sunny conditions. ..... :

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16-03-2003 11:45


27th March 9.30pm

'Drowned Out'
Directed by Franny Armstrong
UK 2002 75 minutes

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Lift to Welford Anti-Militarist Camp

16-03-2003 11:35

Lift from London to Welford available this evening.

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Office Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Armenia set on fire during elections

16-03-2003 10:52

Friday, 14th of March 2003, the premises of the
"Helsinki Citizens' Assembly - Vanadzor office (HCAV)" were set on fire in an act of political terrorism and oppression against an organisation that has been
among the active protestors about the results of the recent presidential elections in Armenia.

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"virtual" demo/attack ???

16-03-2003 09:39

Software etc for virtual attack on government websites

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Boycott Brand America

16-03-2003 09:31

The world struggles to fight global warming, and its biggest polluter thumbs its nose. The world calls for an international criminal court, and “the global supercop” rejects it out of hand. Now the world wants a firm but peaceful solution in Iraq, and America is beating the drums of war.

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Great Music: Michael Franti, Live, San Francisco

16-03-2003 06:02

MP3 for download or streaming // Live, San Francisco Peace Demonstation, March 15, 2003

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How has the American media conned its subjects into supporting war on Iraq?

16-03-2003 05:39

How the U.S. media has systematically propagandized its American subjects to be pro-Israel and anti-Arab, and have programmed the American mind into accepting 300,000 American troops being sent to fight and die for the fascist government of Israel and greed-obsessed oil company executives. This story will list the seven biggest monolithic media conglomerates that dominate American political news & commentary.

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Richard Perle is a Director of the Jerusalem Post!

16-03-2003 04:49

Corporate directors are nearly always called on to make important and sometimes difficult decisions regarding the personnel and policy of the business that they are directing. What standards apply to this seeming "conflict of interest," where Perle, who heads an important federal advisory panel, is also a director of a company which owns a media outlet in a foreign country ??

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16-03-2003 04:36

Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz
published a Style section article on Friday, highlighting
the fight that has erupted over Seymour Hersh's recent {New
Yorker} magazine expose of Richard Perle's attempted shakedown of
two Saudi businessmen for $100 million.

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Photos of Anti-War Demonstration San Francisco

16-03-2003 04:20

About ten pages of them.

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16-03-2003 04:00

Articles have appeared during the past week --
including one on German television -- warning that an attack on
Iraq carried out without UN Security Council authorization would
be in violation of the UN Charter and international law, and that
President Bush and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld could eventually
find themselves charged with war crimes before the
newly-inaugurated International Criminal Court (ICC).

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Photos of CD Action in Sacramento, California, USA yesterday

16-03-2003 01:32

Check out my journal and photos of the CD action yesterday in Sacramento, California, USA.

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Lennon and McCartney

16-03-2003 01:17


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How many marched?

16-03-2003 00:47

Where are the numbers for the demonstrations?

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Portsmouth March & NVDA 15th March

15-03-2003 23:24

Anti war march followed by blockade of Portsmouth Naval Base

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Japan Times article on warmongers

15-03-2003 23:04

Article in Japan Times sees forthcoming war on Iraq as a result of US military/intelligence bureaucracies which are out of control.