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small victory - BBC withdraw interview invitation to the BNP

05-06-2004 23:35

Pleased to announce that Wiltshire BBC, who were planning to interview the BNP about Unite Against Fascism leafleting have pulled the item.

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Oil/banking cartels in secret session

05-06-2004 22:33

Just north of Milan the richest and most powerful capitalists in the western world - for that read the entire world - are in secret session. Yes it's the Bilderbergers super-hush meeting again and we're supposed to pretend they're all discussing the weather!

Here is a babel fish translation into English of today's article in the Italian press and a link to italian Indymedia plus a bit more

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Reagan Dead

05-06-2004 22:02

Reagan dead at old age of 93 - he lived a lot longer than many at the receiving end of his 'free market' fascism.

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Rocket Ronnie is Dead

05-06-2004 21:52

Reagan is dead

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BIG action @ York Sainsbury's

05-06-2004 20:40

The assembled team
York Palestine Solidarity Campaign today gave customers to York's Central Sainsbury's Store an extra special welcome, by handing them a leaflet explaining why they should "Boycott Israeli Goods".

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Thursday Forum: What is the G8?

05-06-2004 20:01

Thursday June 10th, McCrum Lecture Theatre.
7:00 pm Panel and Discussion - What is the G8?
8:30 pm Open Forum - What are we going to do about it next year?

(Entrance through the archway on Bene't Street, next to the Eagle pub)

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No Border Camp in Imatra, Finland 9.-16.7.2004

05-06-2004 19:21

Imatra is a small town with a population of 30 000 in eastern Finland, right next to the Russian border. Just beyond this division of the world's second biggest poverty gap (right after the border of Mexico and US) is another small town called Svetogorsk with population of only 15 000. The close proximity of the border has an effect on the local communities on both sides in a very concrete way.

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Sixth Manchester Radical Bookfair

05-06-2004 17:15

Manchester Radical Bookfair 19th June 2004
The sixth Manchester Radical Bookfair takes place from 11.00am until 5.00pm on 19th June 2004 at Bridge 5 Mill, 22A Beswick Street, Ancoats Manchester.

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No to United States Intervention in Venezuala

05-06-2004 17:12

A referendum to recall President Chavez as well as a number of anti-chavista elected officials is being called for August. US pressure to overthrow President Chavez and get its hands on the oil of the venezuelan people is greater than ever. We demand that the media report what is happening in Venezuela rather than act as employees of the hated and unelected Bush administration

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Oxford Students Appeal for RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afgha

05-06-2004 16:07

Oxford University Students Union Women's Campaign invites fellow students to join them in a summer picnic for the women of Afghanistan on Monday 7 June in St John's College at 5 pm. They'll be plenty of free food and drink available (including fairtrade) and Pimms will be sold as part of an appeal for RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. Students are also being encouraged to donate their books...

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anti G8 solidarity actions

05-06-2004 14:52

details of upcomming anti G8 actions in Nottingham

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Muzzling Michael

05-06-2004 13:47

Hands off the fat guy in the chicken suit, Mr. Mogul.
by Greg Palast, author of the New York Times bestseller, “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.” Palast is currently in LA to receive the ACLU's Freedom of Expression award.

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Sell out of Farnborough town centre

05-06-2004 13:32

Wednesday evening 2 June 2004, the people of Farnborough were sold out to a Kuwaiti-financed property company by the people who allegedly are elected to represent their interests. No small wonder few people these days take the trouble to vote.

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Hands Off Venezuala!

05-06-2004 13:10

this is a resolution from the Hands Off Venezuela! campaign, please read and if u agree with it sign. we should know very soon if there will be a referendum, though at the moment the press are reporting that it's a done deal.

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Fahrenheit 911 Trailer

05-06-2004 12:28

The trailer to the controversial new Michael Moore film Fahrenheit 911

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Liverpool Community Action

05-06-2004 11:42

Anyone intrested in being involved in writing and reseraching and telling theie stories of the history of resistance in Liverpool.
Some of us are involved in developing a c short course and inputting to a website teh real history of Liverpool. That is it's proud history of resistance.
There are two mmetings coming u for those who want to be involved - and it will include some of teh folowing.

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ESF/Migration: European groups call for meeting in September

05-06-2004 11:28

Migration related groups from Europe are calling for a meeting in September to discuss and coordinate for migration related events at the ESF in London. To find out more, contact

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Zippy Picnic Sunday 6th June

05-06-2004 11:22

The Annual Zippy Picnic is on tomorrow!

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Software Patents Audio

05-06-2004 11:21

40 minute 64 kbps MP3 audio of the Software Patents talk given by the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure rep, James Heald, yesterday. We are having problems with .ogg file uploads, will get that up soon.