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Sherwood Resistance 2

21-02-2004 03:30

Hidden in the midden. One of several treehouses.
Why the protest? More pics from Sherwood Rise.

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Sherwood Resistance 1

21-02-2004 02:26

Local kids get busy with the agitprop.
Report and pics from Sherwood Rise protest site.

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21-02-2004 02:04

My 1978 market permit pin
When I ask all my street performer friends why they think there are so few career solo women street performers, they all hint to the sexual safety issue. So, as a visible, veteran, solo woman street performer for 27 years, I thought I would tell ya my take on it...

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g8 03 music video.

21-02-2004 01:46

Music video from G8 03 protests from Geneva and Lausanne cut to storming track called shit list.

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Gender and Jihad

20-02-2004 23:58

Islamic militants dynamite schools for girls in Pakistan.

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New Stop the War Steering Committee Proposal

20-02-2004 21:14

The following is the list of people that the outgoing steering committee of the Stop the War Coalition will be proposing to make up the new steering committee.

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Repressive squat evictions in Barcelona

20-02-2004 18:14

Increasingly repressive evictions in BCN, leading to 4 arrest yesterday and more evictions to follow from the 23rd

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Fairford Defendants on Trial Monday 23rd February

20-02-2004 17:20

Four activists are on trial in Cirencester Magistrates Court on Monday for criminal damage and aggravated trespass. The alleged offences took place at Fairford on the 9th March 2003, days before the start of the bombing raids on Iraq, when the USAF were busy loading bombs onto their B-52's.

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Human Genetics bulletin

20-02-2004 17:10

What if geneticists were proven to be sub-humans?
Human Genetics Alert (HGA) is an independent public interest watchdog group,based in London, UK. We have a small but growing membership and are funded by a leading British charity.
Since 1999, we have been committed to informing people about human genetics issues, and to putting forward clear policies that serve the public interest.

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Michael Howhard offers alliance to BNP

20-02-2004 17:03

The reasons for this offer being made are not hard to see. Both expound the beliefs of the Daily Mail editorial team. And they are both very aware that racial intolerance relies on international borders and the denial of every human beings right to live wherever they so choose.

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blackwood in court 24th feb

20-02-2004 16:33

blackwood/ st davids wood camps are in court - as costain and caerphilly council try to claim possession, and evict from the entire route, on tues 24th feb in blackwood court at 2pm... whichever way you look at it, we aren't out of the woods yet!!! :-)

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20-02-2004 16:29

Over 50 Greenpeace volunteers dressed as panto cows invaded Sainsburys in Greenwich today to highlight the use of GM in animal feed by Sainsbury's - and therefore the Scary in the dairy.

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Police assault ex-soldier - again!

20-02-2004 16:04

And it wasn't me this time!

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Znet articles on situation in Haiti. Call for support.

20-02-2004 15:27

Media coverage of Haitian situation lacks context and honesty according to articles recently posted on Znet. These articles seem to be an attempt to place the situation in context and call on worldwide activists to support true democracy in Haiti. They are posted here:

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Greenwash and The NGO-friendly Corporation

20-02-2004 14:42

The following gives an interesting insight into how Corporations view the movement that opposes them and how they hope to gain credibility by co-opting the less radical elements by forming partnerships with them. It's long, but worth a read I think...

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Working Class Struggle in British Occupied Basra - 3 month research report

20-02-2004 13:20

This is the culmination of over three months of research working with public sector workers in British Occupied Basra, interviewing, supporting and advocating for, workers in the oil, electricity and dock sectors and exploring the obstacles, attacks, and tools of empowerment available to Iraqi workers right now. Its very very long!...

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More Galloway 'Oil Backhander' Allegations Surface

20-02-2004 10:37

The Iraqi press have printed allegations against Galloway that, as far as I know, go further than the previous allegations. Does anyone know what's being done to counter this? Is Galloway still suing the British newspaper (the Telegraph?) that printed the original allegations?

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Boycott Zionist Marks and Spencer!

20-02-2004 10:30

Demonstrations against Briatain's biggest corporate sponsor of Israel continue, despite attacks from Zionist extremists.

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4th Plinth (3)

20-02-2004 01:44