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New Stop the War Steering Committee Proposal

Stopping the War | 20.02.2004 21:14 | Anti-militarism

The following is the list of people that the outgoing steering committee of the Stop the War Coalition will be proposing to make up the new steering committee.

Andrew Murray (Communist Party of Britain)
Lindsey German (Socialist Workers Party and RESPECT)
Linda Smith (FBU and RESPECT)

Jim Addington
Simeon Andrews
Steve Bell (guardian cartoonist?)
Andy Bain
Kuldip Bajwar (Workers Power)
Jim Brann
Andrew Burgin - (Socialist Resistance and RESPECT)
CAMPACC (campaign against criminalising communities)
Louise Christian (lawyer, ex-Socialist Labour Party & SA)
Jeremy Corbyn (Labour MP)
Simon De Ville
Kate Hudson (CPB and CND)
Betty Hunter
Louise Hutchings (NUS Exec and Socialist Action)
Paul Ingram (Green Party)
Claire James (ISR and Socialist Party)
Sabah Jawad
Hannah Kuchler (SWP)
Fred Le Plat
Chris Nineham (SWP)
Trevor Phillips (Labour)
Ghada Razuki (SWP)
John Rees (SWP)
Bernard Regan (NUT)
Mick Rix (ASLEF)
Mick Ryan
Shaheed Salem
Regan Scott (TGWU)
Jane Shallice (NUT, ex-Socialist Alliance)
Dr Siddiqui (Muslim 'Parliament')
Ken Smith (Socialist Party)
Graham Stevenson (TGWU)
Niall Sookoo
Carol Turner (Socialist Action)
Tom Whittaker (SWP and NUS Exec)
Walter Wolfgang

Stopping the War


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