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Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan

05-01-2002 17:48

When U.S. warplanes strafed [with AC-130 gunships] the farming village of Chowkar-Karez, 25 miles north of Kandahar on October 22-23rd,killing at least 93 civilians, a Pentagon official said, "the people there are dead because we wanted them dead." The reason? They sympathized with the Taliban. When asked about the Chowkar incident, Rumsfeld replied, "I cannot deal with that particular village."

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humanitarian poems

05-01-2002 17:14

3 poems from Award winning poet with a humanitarian theme
i am looking 4 other alternative poets in order to publish a book of poetry relative to world events (environmental humanitarian sociological idealogical style) there will be no cost as i aim to self finance (all work will remain the copyright of respective owners

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Join the Israel Defence(?) Forces (by Latuff)

05-01-2002 15:37

Join the Israel Defence(?) Forces (by Latuff)
Copyright-free image by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Al-Jazeera Qatar News and Cymru BBC Wales News like twins.Listen to it yourself!

05-01-2002 15:10

Which one sounds more oriental in your ears?
You decide.

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G8 - Genova Video by Davide Ferrario

05-01-2002 12:02

Video on Carabinieri and Polizia brutalities

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7,000,000 in C.A. go hungry

05-01-2002 11:59

UN World Food Program Report

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Appel pour Convergence Anti-Capitaliste contre FEM à New York 31 janv au 4 fév

05-01-2002 05:37

Appel pour Convergence Anti-Capitaliste contre FEM à New York 31 janv au 4 fév

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Australian PRODOS Institute may be Backed By Government Funding

05-01-2002 03:49

The australian based prodos institute may be backed by US and Aussie government funding.

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Alert! IMF in DC Jan 14-17!

05-01-2002 01:32

The IMF is meeting in DC Jan 14-17! Last minuite date change!

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Media Ignores the Mass Deaths in Afghanistan

05-01-2002 01:15

Compare the regular media coverage of the bushfire in Australia with the lack of coverage of the far worse situation of refugees in Afghanistan - or the heavy coverage of the situation of Kosovan refugees which was used to justify the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO. Civilian casualties in Afghanistan are conveniently ignored.

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9.11 Questions Few are Asking

04-01-2002 21:14

We are cowards because we have chosen to follow the path of least resistance – blindly accepting the blatant lies that Washington and the media have disseminated since the September 11 attacks. Following that course requires no independent thought and, more importantly, causes none of what psychologists like to call 'cognitive dissonance.'

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Opposing the inevitability lie

04-01-2002 19:15

How can anarchists oppose the 'its inevitable' Euro lie?

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04-01-2002 18:36

March 15 2002 marks the sixth year of this international day of protest and solidarity against police brutality.

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help the fight against privatisation in Colombia

04-01-2002 18:25

Around 800 SINTRAEMCALI workers, who began an indefinite occupation of the multi- storey Central Administration Building 'CAM' of the Public Service Provider EMCALI, in the South West of Colombia on Christmas Day, enter into the second week of their occupation. A tense stand off between occupying workers and their supporters outside the building and several hundred armed riot police and army threatens to spill
over into violent confrontation.

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Another World IS Possible

04-01-2002 17:42

Anti-WEF Coalition

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afghanistan earthquake?

04-01-2002 17:12

evening standard earthquake report?

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Dynamite essay on ; "why there is a war in Afghanistan?"

04-01-2002 16:25


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"THE BRISTOLIAN" - 07/07/02 Full steam ahead through the shit

04-01-2002 15:59


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smart lad exploits currency confusion

04-01-2002 14:59

Trivial story but made me laugh and laugh!

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Pollution will kill us in 10 years from now

04-01-2002 05:28

How long do you think you have left to live? 30 years? 50 years? If we don't reduce our pollution dramaticly, scientists expect us all to be dead in 10 years from now.