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Iraqi gays are targets of killings

18-04-2007 19:45

The persecution of Iraq's Lesbian and Gay community by Government backed death squads, has been a great cause of concern for international human rights organisations.

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Mayday 07 - Invite

18-04-2007 19:30

Invite your friends
For those who don't want to march, how about some dancing on Mayday.

The Haymarket Martyrs were protesting for an 8 hour day, a 9-5. When was the last time anyone just worked 9-5? Why should we live in a world where profit is put above anything else, what about the planet, what about our lives, how about some fun?

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Protest Against DRC Deportations in Solihull

18-04-2007 18:26

Video Officer P. Dutton (3792)
Over 200 people protested on Thursday, 12 April, at Sandford House, the immigration reporting centre in Solihull, near Birmingham, against forced mass-deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Police served a section 14 of the public order act on protesters on the morning of the protest. Section 14 restricted the protest to only 30 people, who were penned-in behind a hedge next to the car park of Sandford House. Organisers were expecting around 400 people to attend the protest.

Protesters escaped the confines of the pen by stepping through a hole in the hedge. They then proceeded to occupy Homer Road where police arrested a person sitting in the road. Another demonstrator went to ask what was happening and got punched in the face by Officer P. Dutton (3792) before also being arrested.

Just as police managed to push people back onto the pavement, another coach load of protesters spilled onto the street shouting "liberez! liberez!" and the road was occupied for another two hours. Police then attempted to confine people in their pen again, but protesters refused to leave and re-ocupied the road once more in an amazing show of solidarity until their friends were released.

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New video: CSOMilano 0.1

18-04-2007 18:20

A group of activists from the "8 de Marzo" collective squattered the old wedding hall "Milano". One week later, and one hour before starting a neigbourhood afternoon snack organized for the neighbours and local people as a part of the "presentation working days", the police sealed the building and started a pressure campaign trying to nip the project in the bud before it could grow.

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Israel: One third of Holocaust survivors live in poverty

18-04-2007 17:48

Israel marked its annual Holocaust Remembrance Day Monday not only with the traditional wailing of air raid sirens, but also with protests over the government neglect and right-wing social policies that have left one-third of the country’s Holocaust survivors living in poverty, with little or no assistance.

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18-04-2007 15:08

What's In This 'ELECTION SPECIAL' Issue:

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Disrupt Shell's Annual General Meeting!

18-04-2007 11:51

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Royal Dutch Shell plc will be held at Circustheater, Circusstraat, The Hague, The Netherlands at 11.00 am (Dutch time) on Tuesday May 15, 2007, with an audio-visual link to a satellite meeting place at Novotel London-West Hotel and Convention Centre, 1 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom at 10.00 am (UK time).

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Climate Camp 2007 Benefit - London, Saturday 28th April 07.

18-04-2007 10:30

8pm - 2am - Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, LONDON, E14 7HA.

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Saving Iceland tour coming to Oxford

18-04-2007 10:02

Sacrificed for ALCOA
Monday 23 April 7.30pm
Oxford Action Resource Centre (OARC) 44b Princes St (corner of Cowley Road)

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Public meetings 'against detention centres' in Brighton

18-04-2007 09:24

Discussion and information about what you can do to stop the new Gatwick
detention centre being built and info about detention centres and the asylum system in the UK.

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Breaking news: Virginia Tech killer on antidepressants

18-04-2007 06:32

To understand this story, you will need to read
where you will learn that many many murder-suicides were on prescription anti-depressants of the PROZAC class

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screening on gentrification on Thursday 19 April

18-04-2007 01:22

As a part of encouraging solidarity and links between different campaigns
for common struggle against capitalism in Britain and Latin America, we are
having a screening on gentrification in Britain followed by a discussion.

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International Mobilization for David Vengas and all political prisoners in Oaxac

18-04-2007 00:58

Thursday 27th international mobilisation in front of Mexican Embassies and Consulates. Freedom to all political prisoners in Oaxaca! Freedom for David Venegas Reyes!

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Detention of David Vengas, APPO member, adherent of La Otra, member of VOCAL

18-04-2007 00:55

David Venegas Reyesafter being beaten by police authorities
David Venegas Reyes, member of APPO, adherent of La Otra, and member of VOCAL was detained last friday in Oaxaca. David was beaten and tortured following his detention, police authorities have charged of drug dealing after placing in his bag 22 grams of cocaine and heroin.

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Boycott Tesco selling live turtles/other animals for inhumane slaughter in China

18-04-2007 00:23

Click on:

Tesco in China selling live animals which they slaughter inhumanely.

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Amnesty for criminal taxdodgers on its way!

17-04-2007 22:34

Done a bit of money laundering, major global fraud, well don't worry, HM's Govt will now let you off the hook,

but if you on benefits, etc then watch out, we are after you!

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FRFI takes part in march against NF on Tyneside

17-04-2007 21:52

Police form a screen across the front of Weatherspoons and push protestors back
On Sunday 15th April FRFI activists took part in the counter-protest against the National Front's fourth consecutive annual march through Newcastle, which they claim is to celebrate St George's Day on 23rd April, but which others have suggested is to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday on 20th April.

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Party Against Petrol! - Saturday 21st April

17-04-2007 18:58

As Part of Bath Climate Camp, there will be a party against petrol - a chance to protest against car culture and fossil fuels. Meet at 12 at Bath Abbey or 11 at Bath Climate Camp

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Reed Elsevier AGM told: Stop Organising Arms Fairs

17-04-2007 18:29

Major publisher Reed Elsevier is given a rough ride both inside and outside its AGM in London today for its sideline in organising international arms fairs.

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NF Marches this saturday

17-04-2007 17:56

NF are planning a series of marches this weekend in celebration of the Turkish St. George.