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party 4 peace

07-04-2003 13:20

part 4 peace organised by schoolstudents against war, parliament square this thursday. 4pm onwards. come after school.

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07-04-2003 13:11

According to the ambassador, Americans delivered fire deliberately. Four out of the six cars had bullet holes, all of them made by M-16 rifles. On the motorcade's way from Baghdad to the Syrian capital, the American military stopped the motorcade several times and tried to examine the cars, but the Russian diplomats refused to obey the Americans, Vladimir Titorenko said.

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PIC: Banner drop oxford street saturday

07-04-2003 13:09

PIC: Banner drop oxford street saturday
Ace banner!

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Pictures from saturdays blockade at Oxford Street

07-04-2003 13:04

Pictures from saturdays blockade at Oxford Street
Pics from saturday's block of oxford street after the demo from the bbc to the US embassy had finished.

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Ay Family Must be Allowed to Stay - one last effort

07-04-2003 13:00

The Home Office plans to remove the family to Germany this Friday 11th April.

Urgent Action Needed

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07-04-2003 12:53

The Athens IMC is silent

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ISRAEL: Yesh Gvul activist jailed for refusing reserve duties

07-04-2003 12:36

ISRAEL: Yesh Gvul activist jailed for refusing reserve duties
Yesh Gvul activist Itay Riv was jailed on 6 April for 28 days for refusing his reserve duties.

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IMC Sites Down

07-04-2003 11:51

These IMC sites are offline - why?
Adelaide Aotearoa Jakarta Nigeria Athens Prague Thessaloniki

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The 4th World War

07-04-2003 11:38

This is the un-edited version o an interview/article first published in 1999, but more relevant than ever, anyone interested in a London Zapatista solidarity group should contact Riq at

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07-04-2003 11:35

Their Holocaust is just begining.

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Marcos on geography & divination

07-04-2003 11:33

Another communique from the Zapatistas ( anyone interested in a London Zapatista solidarity group shoul contact Riq at

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07-04-2003 11:26

The latest from the Zapatistas ( the war and rebellion, for those interested in the London Zapatista solidarity group contact Riq at ....

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Manchester Funeral and Flower Power Protests - Video

07-04-2003 11:18

Two videos have been added to the Manchester anti-war video diary.

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IMC Athens and the rally of thursday

07-04-2003 11:11

The time is 14:19-MON 07/APRIL 2003 in Athens, Greece (G.M.T. + 2) and both Greek INDY ports ( & are still down, following the brutal suppression of the big antiwar rally of Thursday 03-April-2003.

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A Brief History of Iraq

07-04-2003 10:48

Iraqis have been subjected to a century of Britsh, American and Baathist bloodletting - betrayed time & again by nationalists & leftists - it's important we realise that the current massacares are in may ways a repitition of what has gone before but on a new level our stuggle continues

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Support US Troops, Bring Them Home?

07-04-2003 10:39

The slogan "Support Our Troops, Bring Them Home" is popular in the antiwar movement in the US. Is it being used by the British and the Australian antiwar movements too?

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Radio report from fairford peace camp

07-04-2003 10:12

Feel free to edit it and use it for the IMC radio project.

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NATO base in Crete

07-04-2003 09:57

What happened at the Nato base in Crete.Greece.The demo ended in a stone-tear gas battle between demonsrators and police.