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Strikes at Aer Lingus

21-08-2007 12:30

Pilots at Aer Lingus will are striking for 48 hours against attacks on their pay and conditions.

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SWP covers for sell-out of postal workers strike

21-08-2007 12:26

On August 9, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) announced that it was suspending further strike action in Britain’s postal service. Without any explanation to its members, the CWU declared it was entering negotiations with Royal Mail in an attempt to reach an agreement by September 4. A national demonstration planned for August 21 was cancelled.

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India and the Tao Te Ching

21-08-2007 11:44

I recently moved from the UK to India. Here are some first impressions..

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Smash EDO Action Camp Update

21-08-2007 11:23

Smash EDO Camp is coming soon

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Political Censorship - The Scottish Prison Service and Guantanamo Bay

21-08-2007 10:30

While most of the world condemn US practices at Guantanamo Bay, the Scottish Prison Service are attempting to stop prisoners even hearing about them!

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Starving Gaza

21-08-2007 09:02

Gaza has become the Sarajevo of the Middle East. Israel, in an action similar to that of the Serbs in Bosnia, has surrounded and cut off nearly a million and a half Palestinians in the Gaza Strip since the Islamic militant group Hamas took control in June. Electric fences and watch towers manned by Israeli soldiers keep the Palestinians trapped inside the strip. The land and sea blockade, the halting of all but minimal humanitarian aid and the refusal to allow Gaza to receive financial support are crushing Gaza’s industry, farming and infrastructure.

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John Bowden - Latest News

21-08-2007 08:07

Matthew Stillman - Author of the 'terrorist' smears against John Bowden and the Anarchist Black Cross - is discredited.

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Systematic Harassment of Activist

21-08-2007 07:36

A left wing activist, who lives in Valencia, Spain, claims he has been harassed over, the last year. Intelligence agencies are being contacted to inquire if they have been responsible, and a Spanish Judge is being approached to look in to prosecating the conspirators.

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XL's cage rattled

21-08-2007 06:55

XL Airways has threatened the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC) with legal action following the publication of an article on NCADC's website implying that XL might be operating a charter flight scheduled for 30 August to 'remove' a number of failed asylum seekers to DR Congo. The charter airline had their legal representatives serve the campaigning organisation with a Notice of Intent, dated 15 August 2007, threatening to seek an injunction against NCADC if they did not remove "any mention of [their] client" from the concerned article by the end of Friday, June 17th.

A number of Congolese detainees had received Removal Directions for Thursday, 30 August, stipulating Flight Number PVT616 and Operation Castor, the operational name given to a previous charter flight, operated by XL, which carried 38 Congolese deportees last February.

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Glasgow asylum seeker criminalised for self defence - urgent support neede

20-08-2007 23:48

The trial of the African woman accused of assaulting police when they dawn-raided her flat last year will continue tomorrow.

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Urgent! - Save Pegah From Death. Don't Alow That Pegah Goes Up On The Airplane

20-08-2007 23:29

The government of the United Kingdom has anticipated the deportation of Pegah Emambakhsh and her flight towards the death is already set on the 23rd August.

We don't have to allow that Pegah goes up on that airplane.

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The UN: An Instrument Of Terror

20-08-2007 22:51

On 10 August 2007, the United Nations Security Council has voted to give the UN an “extended role” in U.S.-British occupied Iraq after more than four years in which the UN was ignored and considered irrelevant by the U.S. and its few willing allies. The new UN Resolution, sponsored (as usual) by the U.S. and Britain, is a propaganda designed to manipulate the public and legitimise ongoing U.S.-British terror in Iraq.

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Queer Pakistan - 'Less inhibited than West!'

20-08-2007 22:50

As the socio-psychological concept of being queer in our times furbished another relinquish of anti-racist cacophony for persons in their count-ability to re stable life behavior!

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Oil Wars: Fueling Both U.S. Empire & Ecocide

20-08-2007 22:39

Dripping, spilling, spreading, burning. Welcome to the New World Chaos, what the Bush administration is now calls “the long war”.

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Train Smart launches new climate action campaign with challenge to Vatican

20-08-2007 21:56

Inspired by Plane Stupid, Train Smart today launched a new direct action campaign from the Camp for Climate Action to promote train travel as a low carbon alternative to making short hauls by plane.

Trains use approximately 10 times less carbon than planes and are hugely popular, making them a viable option for ‘light greens’ and ecologists alike. Choosing to take the train over a short flight will for many represent the biggest single step they can take to slash their carbon footprint.

For its first action, Train Smart is threatening to target the Vatican due to its announcement last week that it has decided to charter flights to carry pilgrims to scared sites such as Lourdes in France, and the shrine of Fatima in Portugal.

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"Cargo-Cult Leninism" vs. Political Transparency (Part 1)

20-08-2007 21:36

Many so-called "Marxist" organizations today are plagued by "cargo-cult" ideology. They repeat phrases and words without understanding what they really mean. Why do people want to drink the kool-aid? Because they WANT to believe that things are OK. We need mass democracy! End the paralysis in the Left!

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A Seriously Funny Attempt to Get The Serious Fraud Office in The Dock!

20-08-2007 21:25

In 2006 the SFO dropped its investigation into the allegations of bribery by BAE Systems in its dealings with Saudi Arabia. The investigation was cancelled due to Saudi government pressure.
We are asking that the Serious Fraud Office reopen the Investigation and to do this we have had to take them to court. This will not be cheap by any means so we have asked some very funny friends if they would give us some of their time so we can pimp out their comedic talents to you in order to raise the cash we need to get the SFO in the dock!
benefit will help pay for the court costs.

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Vine and Fig Tree Planters at SAAB Microwave - a reflection on it

20-08-2007 21:12

How the plantings of vine and fig trees confronted the weapons factory at in a Gothenburg suburb.

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Benefit meal for Congo Support Project

20-08-2007 20:44

Monday 27 August, Benefit Meal at 1 in 12 Club, Albion Street, Bradford, from 6.00pm. Find out about situation in Congo, meet members of Congo Support Project, plan solidarity actions and have a lovely meal by donation with all profits to Congo Support Project. Unfortunately the cafe is on the 3rd floor and the 1in12 Club is not accessible, but we'll do our best to help with your access needs. No dogs, it's a cafe, innit.

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Hasbara & The Israeli Propaganda Machine

20-08-2007 20:38

A discussion of what motivates the Zionist Plant(s) who loathes IMC, yet doesn't ever seem to leave its sites (Besides anger, fear, desperation, ignorance, racism, revisionist history, and hatred, of course).

From the horse's mouth:
A Field Guide to Hasbara ( Propaganda) from the WUJS