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Bush admits to "partying" with bin Laden.

27-09-2001 22:14

President Bush...

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New World Order Attacks Bill of Rights & Switzerland?

27-09-2001 21:54

Another coincidence? Or is the New World Order making liberty & neutrality a crime?

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Bradford Vigil Posponed due to pro-Taliban and Fascist activities

27-09-2001 20:47

Bradford Immigration Asylum Support and Advice Network (BIASAN) have taken the difficult decision to postpone a vigil for peace and to condemn racist attacks - after Pro-Taliban suporters and fascists plan to converge on Bradford

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Complaint to local council kills fourteen

27-09-2001 17:19

14 dead in swiss town council, looks like an over the top reaction from a disgruntled citizen. But I was planning to have a go at local councils the swiss incident seems like a good enough Q. Although I am not condoning this rather extreme attack, the details of which are still very sketchy.
Local councils can often make even cool tempered people want
to nuke the council chambers..some people come to the conclusion that violently attacking the council is the only solution. I would like to suggest a more peacefull method.

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Don't send infant formula for Afghans

27-09-2001 17:16

The United Nations is highlighting the plight of refugees and displaced people in Pakistan and Afghanistan. What is the most appropriate and effective way to approach infant feeding in emergency/refugee situations? A key warning is DON'T DONATE BREASTMILK SUBSTITUTES (INFANT FORMULA).

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World Trade Center Disaster--How Should We See It?

27-09-2001 17:13

We know that hundreds, thousands of New Yorkers DO NOT want more innocent people killed in "revenge"! If, as Ellen Reiss, class chairman of Aesthetic Realism writes, we "meet contempt and ill will with contempt and ill will of our own...that will be met with more contempt and ill will..."

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Communique against the repression of the Social Movements in Catalonia..

27-09-2001 16:43

Barcelona, September 2001.

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After Genoa and New York

27-09-2001 14:21

The following analysis of the "leadership" and direction of the antiglobalization movement was written before the events of September 11, 2001 in New York City and Washington D.C. It was prepared as something to consider prior to the IMF/World Bank meetings originally scheduled in DC at the end of September. The events of Genoa, and the entire agenda of the movement, have been moved off center-stage by the attacks and the US Government response to them. The main body of the text has been left in its original form; an attempt to understand the new situation is briefly presented at the end as an addendum.

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Anti -War demo, Liverpool, Sat 11am, Myrtle Parade

27-09-2001 13:06

Get onto your feet and into the street

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Media on media, guardian, BA stops war ad, media workers

27-09-2001 12:38

a few interesting links

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500 march for peace in Japan (Osaka)

27-09-2001 12:10

Around 500 people marched through the city of Osaka in Japan on Wednesday evening to voice their opposition to the possible use of violence by the U.S. during its likely retaliation for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

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Not all in congress are blind

27-09-2001 11:44

A Wee Bit of Common Sense
Surprises the House of Representatives

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Mainstreaming the Anti-War Movement (alertnet article)

27-09-2001 11:32

Mainstreaming the Anti-War Movement
Geov Parrish, AlterNet
September 26, 2001

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stop the war coalition website

27-09-2001 10:45

the stop the war coalition, fomed out of last weeks 2000+ meeting in Euston now has it's website up!

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Bush fails I.Q Test/ at CIA .

27-09-2001 09:57

G Dubya's morale boosting visit to the(should be disgraced) CIA headquarters, shows the man to be a complete moron.
he can't even get one sentence right without changing it
halfway through, or screwing up in the middle of a long
word. He laughed and joked and fucked up his lines big time!!

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Bush Rallies Public Support for War Against Terrorism But Critics Warn...

27-09-2001 09:35

Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive Magazine, who assesses the Bush administration's handling of the national crisis and the political climate that has emerged following the terror strikes against the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

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No War but the Class War meetings...

27-09-2001 09:26

Public meeting...

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berlusconi's at it again

27-09-2001 08:29

guardian article

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Brooklyn Terrorist Safe House Raided by FBI and DEA

27-09-2001 04:58

NY reporter exposes terrorist safe house and drug network operating in Brooklyn, NY. FBI and DEA raid safe house arresting family members for WTC bombing activities and drug trafficking.

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Toni Negri: Terrorism is an Essential Sickness of the System

27-09-2001 02:26

Co-author of empire and Italian critic Negri on the events of the 11th September, rough draft translation
Toni Negri: Terrorism is an Essential Sickness of the System