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Today in the MidEast 14th of april

15-04-2004 08:51


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Talk: Iraq: one year on

15-04-2004 08:19

Talk by Dr Glen Rangwala, 8pm, Tuesday 20 April
Leckhampton House, Grange Road, Cambridge

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They Go To War - We Die

15-04-2004 08:08

THEY go to war
WE die

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aldermaston wmd hunt

15-04-2004 08:06

On monday the march from London to Aldermaston reached the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment at Aldermaston, having been joined by a youth march from Oxford. A few hundred of us were waiting for them. We believed we had found a site containing those elusive WMD. But the local authorities were not co-operating.

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Cohort Media announces new site

15-04-2004 06:02

Cohort Media annouces a site about their latest film Move, which documents the history of the contriversial Move Organization.

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Elections today Democracy tomorrow

15-04-2004 05:10

Democracy soon will be an old hag; tormented by fear and afflicted by nightmares. The elections will continue to exist for namesake. The rulers will be the brokers of democracy selling every remaining rag at the price of people’s fortune.

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Gobalise resistance conference 2004

14-04-2004 23:30

GR conference

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Logic, Mythology and the Iraq War

14-04-2004 23:07

A logical explanation about why George W. Bush's rationalizations for the Iraq war are asinine and the discussions among pundits and so-called experts on US corporate television are based on false assumptions and are ridiculous as well.

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Anti-G8 'Dissent! Network' National Gathering in Manchester, April 24-25

14-04-2004 23:02

Dissent! is a Network of resistance to the G8, set up in the Autumn of 2003 to co-ordinate resistance to the 2005 G8 Summit in the UK, and to contribute to the building of an anti-capitalist movement in the UK. The Network is open to all of those who work within the PGA Hallmarks (

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Cambridge Paper Newswire, Special: Iraq

14-04-2004 22:34

Double sided A4 sheet describing the current events in Iraq (Falluja). Print and distribute widely... AND TAKE ACTION!

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Disarm DSEi Mayday Action

14-04-2004 21:14

DSEi-Mayday flyer
DISARM DSEi: Shut down Spearhead for Mayday!

DSEi action: 30th April, 8:30am onwards.

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WHAT’S RIGHT WITH BP? (10am, Oil Festi Hall, Thurs April 15th 2004)

14-04-2004 20:58

you’ll to need an industrial-strength stomach pump to get this out yer system
No, not a counter-demo...Here's the text of a leaflet to go out at tomorrow's BP AGM.

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New Website for 10 Years Of London Critical Mass!

14-04-2004 20:44

To celebrate 10 years of Critical Mass in April 2004, the Critical Mas London website has been re-designed and brought up to date.

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Dublin Council of Trade Unions scrap their May Day March

14-04-2004 19:43

Repost of my original article on IMC Ireland. Some brief notes re article below. The ATGWU is the Irish Regional Section of the TGWU in Britain. The DCTU are a very similar grouping to say the likes of say the London Trades Council. The IWU are a new Anti-partnership Trade Union in Ireland who had their 1ST Conference a couple of weeks ago.

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Vanunu update

14-04-2004 19:29

Press release

The Israeli Committee for Mordechai Vanunu and for a
Middle East Free of Atomic, Biological and Chemical Weapons

The International Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu

Press Release
April 14, 2004

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Biddu demonstration. Twelve Hurt

14-04-2004 19:15

Last Update: 14/04/2004 20:50

12 protesters hurt during protest against West Bank fence

By Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Service and AP

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Fraud Alert : Open Letter to Cambridge University

14-04-2004 18:53

Fraud Alert : Open Letter to Cambridge University

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14-04-2004 18:13

On the 24th of April the BNP are organising a 'family fun day'- COME AND MAKE SURE THEY DON'T HAVE THEIR FUN..

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Death on Camera... Christopher Alder - murdered by racist police!

14-04-2004 17:53

Christopher Alder Murdered by racist police in April 1st 1998
On 1st April 1998 Christopher Alder, an ex-paratrooper,
was dragged unconscious into a Hull police station.