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Irish Report/Pics of Faslane Blockade

25-04-2003 01:52

For Irish report and pictures of Really Big Blockade @ Faslane 22 April 03 check out:

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Le Pen in Cambridge

25-04-2003 01:12

1:41 video shot on mini dv of Le Pen's visit to the Cambridge Union and the related protests outside

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25-04-2003 00:02

For the capture of these criminals who should be "prosecuted, killed or captured" is a reward announced

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Bush Knew -911 timeline

24-04-2003 23:47


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Le Pen, Facist Is Smashed

24-04-2003 23:17

The anti nazi league distroyed Le Pens credibilty in cambridge tonight.

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The American media and its reporting on Iraq

24-04-2003 22:26

UN 661 committee revealed: The UN's 661 Committee takes its name from the Security Council Resolution by which it was established on August 6, 1990. More than a decade later, this committee continues to control the legal economy of Iraq. It operates in private amid widespread criticism. In March 2001, the secrecy was partially broken. (article 1)

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Le Pen welcomed to Cambridge!!!

24-04-2003 22:14

Le Pen welcomed to Cambridge!!!
Fascist Jean-Marie Le Pen received a warm welcome today in Cambridge - eggs, spit, rocks, and a broken windscreen! (article 1)

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RADIO SUBVERSION for the week of 04/21/03

24-04-2003 22:13

RADIO SUBVERSION is a weekly audio netcast with news, views, music and humor from the Left side of the internet.

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Airline Nosedive Highlights Failures of American-Style Capitalism

24-04-2003 21:56

Airline Nosedive Highlights Failures of American-Style Capitalism
Many airlines can't survive in a free-market system; shoot themselves in the foot. {Illustration credit- Leonardo da Vinci}

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24-04-2003 20:16

Fairford Peace Camp has been threatened with eviction. This will probably occur tomorrow. Get down there if you can asap.

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Two Faces of Fascism?

24-04-2003 19:50

What is the difference between Dennis "Justin" Raimondo, who publicly encouraged U.S. service personnel to desert, not long before the Iraq operation began, and his ally, Kevin "Keith Sorel" Keating, who carried a banner in the streets calling on the same troops to "shoot their officers?"

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3 point end to the regime: overturn corporations as "individuals" ruling, take p

24-04-2003 19:32

Author's 3 point plan to end shadow regime's crimes against humanity

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IMC Liverpool to Launch in May

24-04-2003 18:44

IMC Liverpool to Launch in May
Short text piece with image to announce upcoming IMC Liverpool.

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24-04-2003 18:29

I don't know- we'll see how this articulation evolves, but I'm sure it may have something to do with love.

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24-04-2003 18:22

Blair was recruited by MI6 before he left Oxford.

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BBC online readers say war NOT justified

24-04-2003 17:12

Buried away at the back of the Beeb's online site-

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who says what: anti-semitism and IMC

24-04-2003 17:03

Please forgive a brief opinion piece:

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Venezuela a year after the coup - The red tide floods Bolivar Avenue once again

24-04-2003 16:57

Hundreds of thousands gathered in Bolivar Avenue, Caracas, on April 13 to commemorate the first anniversary of the popular uprising that defeated the reactionary coup of April 11, 2002. The different events that have been taking place a year after the coup give us a clear picture of the current balance of forces between the classes in Venezuela.

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MAYDAY 2003 - Public Meeting

24-04-2003 16:54

Saturday 26th April
Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square
London WC1

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Pics: BP AGM Carnival Against Oil Wars

24-04-2003 16:16

Pics: BP AGM Carnival Against Oil Wars
Pics from todays carnival against oil wars and climate change - making the links - at the BP AGM at Royal Festival Hall London.