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Floods expose Labour's climate complacency

25-07-2007 13:33

On Friday 20 July, two months rain fell in 24 hours over the Midlands and southern England. More rains are forecast. Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire were the worst effected areas. More than 2,000 people have been evacuated, 45,000 homes are without electricity, 350,000 without clean water. This the latest disaster resulting from climate change. But what is the working class solution?

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Birmingham Indymedia Cinema: Radical Cinema in the USA 60’s - 70’s

25-07-2007 13:25

People’s Park
A night of pioneering activist documentary filmmaking.

Tuesday 31st of July @ the Midlands Arts Centre Birmingham

Hand-held video cameras and now mobile telephones have revolutionised the instantaneous documentation of news events and happenings on the street. To a thus far unprecedented degree they have given power back to the people to record and report events in crisis situations. But this is not new - only the technology has changed.

During the 60s, a period in which America was a nation at war – not least with itself - underground spokesman Jonas Mekas called for a new movement of activist documentary filmmaking with access to “almost weightless, almost invisible” 8mm and 16mm cameras. A new style of “street journalism” evolved reporting on America’s increasingly polarised and radicalised society.

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One-sided Reporting - Tisdall does it again

25-07-2007 13:03

The article by Simon Tisdall, “A Surge in Accusations”, July 24, appears on the same day the second round of Iran-US talks begins, and is the second article in just over two months by Simon Tisdall using unsubstantiated allegations ascribed to anonymous sources accusing Iranian government of complicity in the violence in Iraq.

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Up the Posties!

25-07-2007 11:54


A new phase of industrial action in the form of rolling strikes has been announced by the postal worker's union. Here are some interviews with striking posties at Birmingham's Mail Centre in Newtown. This was from the first wave of industrial action on 29th June 2007.

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Tara’s Last Stand?

25-07-2007 10:14

violence on tara
7 arrests
court case today
urgent help needed

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Redesigning Sheffield's Landscapes

25-07-2007 09:38

Contribution to "Solutions", part of the Creative Sheffield project. An early report on this topic was published in this section, Sheffield's Newswire, a few weeks ago.

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Details of further postal industrial actions

25-07-2007 02:44

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) said it has entered a "a new phase" in their dispute with Royal Mail. The Postal Executive had agreed to escalate the dispute on both industrial and political fronts, with a rolling programme of strikes that means Royal Mail will face two weeks of functional/site-specific strikes resulting in two weeks of continuous disruption to mail services.

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13 arrested at Rio Tinto-Alcan smelter blockade

25-07-2007 01:01

ICELAND: Today about 20 protesters climbed cranes and blocked access to the Rio Tinto-Alcan smelter in Hafnarfjordur. 13 were arrested and one is still being held hostage by the police in Reykjavik. Saving Iceland has organized a 'summer of dissent' as a part of a campaign against the war-mongering aluminum industry and their subservient pets in Government. Beyond protesting against the devastating exploitation of Iceland's rivers and wilderness for cheap energy, the network is linked to groups with the same corporate enemies in Brazil, Trinidad, South Africa, and India. The struggle continues with Iceland's second Critical Mass this Friday.

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S.I. Activist Imprisoned by the Icelandic State

25-07-2007 01:01

24 July 2007

The Icelandic government and ALCOA have gained their first political prisoner with their repression of protest against the heavy industry policy.

A twenty three year old British Saving Iceland activist who was arrested today on the action against Rio Tinto-Alcan, has been imprisoned for eight days.

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America: COUNTDOWN to DICTATORSHIP - 23 days left!

24-07-2007 23:56

Bush Outlaws All War Protest In United States

Bush Executive Order: Criminalizing the Antiwar Movement

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Protest at Heckler & Koch weapons manufacturers HQ in Nottingham : Pictures

24-07-2007 22:20

About 30-40 people gathered at the UK headquarters of Heckler & Koch, the world's second-largest manufacturer of handguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and grenade launchers.

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Audio from protest at Heckler & Koch weapons manufacturers HQ in Nottingham

24-07-2007 19:52

About 30-40 people gathered at the UK headquarters of Heckler & Koch, the world's second-largest manufacturer of handguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and grenade launchers. It was recently found out that their HQ is based on an industrial estate in Lenton, Nottingham so some people decided to pay them a visit. There were about the same amount of police officers as protesters, in an attempt to keep them off the actual estate where the company is based. There was also the honour of the Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) who travelled all the way from London for the event. The demonstration was called by the Nottingham group of 'Disarm DSEi' which is a grassroots campaign against the UK’s largest arms fair, at which Heckler & Koch will be exhibiting their weapons later this year. For more information visit

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Iraq Commission rules out setting date for troop withdrawal

24-07-2007 19:08

On July 14, the Iraq Commission released its conclusions “on the scope and focus of Britain’s future involvement in Iraq”.

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Haiti: Workers Protest Privatisation Layoffs and Fuel Prices

24-07-2007 18:05

Teleco Building in Port-au-Prince
IPS has published two new articles on labour organising in Haiti.

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Berlin Antifascist Christian S. in prison again!

24-07-2007 17:53

Christian S., an autonomous antifascist from Berlin is sitting again in prison since the 14th of July.
Altogether, he has to serve 40 months. He has been sentenced for breaching the peace in relation to 1 of May 2004, and for the same paragraph for the incidents of the 12 March 2000. For this last offense he obtained a suspended sentenced, but he was called back into prison as soon as he was sentenced again in 2004.

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Rossport Solidarity Camp under threat of eviction

24-07-2007 16:52

Info on eviction threat

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Solidarity with murdered Russian activist - Vigil Thursday (London)

24-07-2007 15:16

A group of UK-based anti-nuke activists and others have put out a statement (below) and have called, along with the Anarchist Federation, a solidarity vigil outside the Russian Embassy in London. We have also organised a conduit for uk donations to the Russian groups to cover the costs of medical treatment of the hospitalised activists and of Borodaenko's funeral.

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No More Bull On Climate Change: Action this Saturday.

24-07-2007 15:16

No more bull...
Climate change campaigners to descend on Cornmarket Street

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The real names of two CIA rendition pilots

24-07-2007 14:34

The real names of two CIA rendition pilots have now been revealed. They are James Kovalesky (alias James Richard Fairing) and Eric Robert Hume (alias Eric Matthew Fain). They face charges in Germany of kidnap and causing serious bodily harm, arising from the December 2003 extraordinary rendition of Khalid El-Masri.