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Crisis is Business as Usual! - Protest the G20

27-02-2009 09:41

As this poster suggests the current economic situation is not so much a crisis as a fluctuation. Capitalism isn't in crisis, capitalism IS crisis!

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Averting the China Syndrome

27-02-2009 05:59

We do not advocate violence as a tactic so much as we argue that there are strong justifications for the use of violence, such as in a “just war,” to intervene on behalf of genocide victims, or in self-defense. And we advance the concept of “extensional self-defense” to say that humans can be legitimate proxy agents for animals who rarely can defend themselves against their tormentors.

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Act Now - Reclaim journalism re:Sri Lanka

27-02-2009 03:59

Vithyatharan, the latest casualty of the killing of journalism seems saved momentarily as the international attention is focussed on his violent abduction. The government and police seem to have produced him inside the system in a nondescript Colombo police station but for how long?
As the UK parliament is being forced to act due to the mounting pressures of UK Tamils and other activists its inertia due to recent 'War on Terror and Truth' needs a push from us all. Act Now.

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Hope Happening - 2nd Palestine Cafe Event

27-02-2009 03:07

Radical Hope Happened at the YOMA Cafe in Southampton for Palestine
add your responses / thoughts for zine making please

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15,000 demonstrated against nuclear power in Germany with 52 kilometres of light

27-02-2009 00:35

Despite icy weather and light rain some 15,000 Germans demonstrated against nuclear power generation their Thursday evening with a chain of light 52 kilometres long.

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McDonalds Campaigner in Court on Monday – Cambridge

27-02-2009 00:33

Campaigner in court for Mclibel anniversary protest!

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Climate Rush Landmark Coal Industry Decision

27-02-2009 00:22

Climate Rush tackled the climate criminals pathetic annual coal awards tA victory of sorts. The coal awards bailed out, cancelling the venue a couple of weeks ago fearing the attention of the climate rush and instead moved to a different venue earlier in the day.

The Landmark hotel management were less than happy about the righteous fury brought down on them by the dirty coal scum and said they'd not be accepting bookings from their ilk again.

Cops managed to arrest one bloke for not dressing the part and the suffragettes kicked arse yet again. his evening at the Landmark Hotel .

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Lampedusa's burning - Should have been the Italian embassy?

26-02-2009 23:17

A small, loud protest was today held at the Italian embassy in London in solidarity with the migrant prisoners and residents of the Lampedusa island, Italy, which is being turned into one big concentration camp to protect the southern borders of Fortress Europe (see With two megaphones and leaflets, the handful of protesters from No Borders, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, Global Women's Strike and All African Women's Group managed to draw some attention from neighbours, passers-by and, of course, cops.

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Climate Rush hosted cocktail party for the coal industry

26-02-2009 22:14

Climate Rush hosted cocktail party for the coal industry outside of the Landmark Hotel on Marylebone Road, London.

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An opportunist defence of the union betrayal at BMW Cowley

26-02-2009 21:40

On February 16, hundreds of workers at BMW's Cowley car plant in Oxford, England, were sacked. Those sacked were mainly agency workers, many of whom had worked at the plant for years.

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Jack Straw blocks release of cabinet minutes on Iraq

26-02-2009 21:32

The UK Justice Secretary Jack Straw has vetoed a ruling made under the Freedom of Information Act instructing the government to release the minutes of two key cabinet meetings on March 13 and 17, 2003, when the decision to go to war against Iraq was discussed.

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Fascist farmer targetted again

26-02-2009 20:53

When rednecks attack... Alan Warner is restrained during the 2008 RWB
The campaign against this years BNP Red, White and Blue festival (RWB) is well under way. On Monday morning BNP man Alan Warner woke up to find himself locked into his own farmyard and the words "Racist BNP scum" sprayed on his wall. Alan was the enthusiastic host of this year's RWB and wants to have it on his farm on Codnor-Denby lane again this year. Sorry Alan - it aint gonna happen.

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Al-Haq Sue UK Government

26-02-2009 18:51

Gaza Legal Aid Fund trustee Mary Nazzal-Batayneh
A small group of demonstrators from the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign were outside the High Court in London on Tuesday 24 Feb when Al-Haq filed its historic claim for judicial review against the government. Photos copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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26-02-2009 17:23

When it comes to making predictions concerning the Global Economic Collapse, Leap2020 otherwise known as GEAB, seem to have been quick off the mark.

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Guy Debord, national treasure?

26-02-2009 16:54

French State voids sale of archives to Yale University.

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Cowley ~ LDV - Things Likely To Get Awkward For The Awkward Squad

26-02-2009 16:12

Picket with some of the sacked Temporary workers
Carworkers – Sackings, layoffs and closures
A contrast between the state of art, modern BMW Cowley plant at Oxford and Birmingham’s dilapidated LDV plant at Washwood Heath

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Cardiff occupation ends, claims victory!

26-02-2009 16:09

I have received the following press release from the Cardiff occupation, which has now ended after three days. They are claiming victory after some of their demands were met.

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Palestine Today 022609

26-02-2009 16:07


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Thursday, February 26th, 2009.

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Protestors Go Bananas at Leeds Tesco

26-02-2009 16:06

Banana flashmob at Leeds Tesco in protest of Tesco refusing to stock only Fairtrade bananas.

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Direct Action; Italy, Netherlands, Spain & Mexico

26-02-2009 15:45