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Act Now - Reclaim journalism re:Sri Lanka

UK Tamil | 27.02.2009 03:59 | Other Press | Repression | Terror War | South Coast | World

Vithyatharan, the latest casualty of the killing of journalism seems saved momentarily as the international attention is focussed on his violent abduction. The government and police seem to have produced him inside the system in a nondescript Colombo police station but for how long?
As the UK parliament is being forced to act due to the mounting pressures of UK Tamils and other activists its inertia due to recent 'War on Terror and Truth' needs a push from us all. Act Now.

This is the continuation of the terror unleashed on the Jaffna based Uthayan Newspaper Group.
It is noteworthy that Vithyatharan was editor of Colombo based Sudar Oli, affiliated to the Leader Group (of recently assassinated Lasantha Wickramatunga) which got a lot of publicity posthumously.

Sri Lanka (SL) is the most dangerous place for journalists according the RSF.
See their 2008 report for reference of Uthayan Group.
What is not listed anywhere except within the Tamil domain is the fact is that the SL Army and its out of control paramilitary outfits, namely the EPDP has been murdering journalists and even retailers of this news paper group. Three days ago they even attempted to sever the Internet link through which has been courageously broadcasting to the world from the occupied Jaffna peninsula. Many informed analysts agree that this the start signal for spreading the genocide of the Tamils to their heartland. The current phase of the genocide of Tamils in the Vanni jungles was planned for a very long time in a similar fashion albeit with the backing of the international community.

However much this 'international community' wanted to see the end of the formidable and more interestingly corruption free Tamil Tiger outfit (LTTE) the orgy of violence by the SL Army is forcing change in international policy.
The UK is legally obliged to prevent the hidden front of the 'War on Terror' becoming a genocide that outnumbers Rwanda, now that Gordon Brown's hurriedly arranged envoy has been rejected by SL government.

Write to your MP if you think he or she has a heart.
Otherwise help out to highlight the plight of journalists in Sri Lanka and Tamil Eelam.
There is no one else.
Most Sri Lankan journalists have sought asylum in the UK with their families in the past two months.
As it always goes in the wicked world we have people like Iqbal Athas, a reporter who was close to the SL Army but fell out due to the change in politics have relocated to London and carrying on with the well paid jobs with new partners accumulated due to the 'War on Terror / Truth' like the Jane's Defence Weekly and Chatham House.

Focussing back to Vithyatharan RSF might be a good point to rally around unless someone can comment on better channels to exert pressure.

UK Tamil


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27.02.2009 05:02

The links supplied with the above article didnot get published.

RSF 2008 Report on Sri Lanka --
Legal obligation for the UK --
RSF Focus on Vithyatharan --

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