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Burundians allege UN collusion with Hutu extremist war criminals

26-11-2005 20:53

Burundians have lashed out at the UN office in their country after a Hutu-extremist war crimes suspect, Aloys Nzabampema, was found in possession of illegally-obtained UN Peacekeeper's uniforms

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Leaked al Jazeera Memos: Bush confirming earlier press killings?

26-11-2005 20:46

It is by most - and logically - understood that in the document - which frantically is kept secret - Bush tells British PM Blair that killing and bombing can be done: "We've done it before, and we get away with it." - Bush is suspected of bragging.

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Why is the prime minister so angry: Leslie

26-11-2005 20:45

Disbelief about his daughter's treatment
For those unfamiliar with Bali's Kerobokan jail, she offered a quick verbal tour. Her cell was "infested with cockroaches and had no ventilation and no sunlight".

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No Trident! No Trident Replacement

26-11-2005 20:05

Over 200 people today gathered at a rally against Britain's nuclear arsenal and against its extension or replacement.

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Zapatistas: Intergalactic encounter

26-11-2005 16:40

The Zapatistas from Chiapas, Mexico, announce their plans for a intergalactic encounter “from below and from the left”. Intergalactic because they struggle for “a world in which all worlds can fit”.

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Join our flotilla beneath Tower Bridge at the Air Transport Demo on the 29th!

26-11-2005 15:38

Air Transport Executives are due to be wined and dined on the Tower Bridge Walkways on the 29th November - voice your dissent by joining our floating protest beneath the bridge!

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Cambridge Action Against Climate Change - Sat 3rd!

26-11-2005 14:37

Cambridge Action Against Climate Change
Saturday December 3rd, at noon, during the Winter Fair.

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Nerve 7 Launched in Liverpool

26-11-2005 14:01

On Friday 25th November, Catalyst Creative Media held an extremely exciting launch night for the seventh issue of ‘Nerve’ – their local arts and social issues magazine – at the Meta-conceptual Gallery, Roscoe Street.

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Anti-war arrests outside Parliament - pictures and comment

26-11-2005 13:49

Two women remembering the dead
Two women arrested outside Parliament for remembering the dead of the Iraq war

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film fest review no 2

26-11-2005 13:41

The |DREAM OUT LOUD: THE FILM FEST| 2night, day two called Resistance. Won't Get Fooled Again was first up did not get to watch as i was doing what was at the start a slow door, by the end of the night there was a full house at |Matilda|

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Nuking Iran Without the Dachshund

26-11-2005 12:10

Nuking Iran Without the Dachshund

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Critical Mass and the death of a cyclist.

26-11-2005 11:37

Video Floral tribute.
Last night London Critical Mass marked the death of cyclist Harriet Tory with a one minute ‘bike high’ silence.

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13 make a Critical Mass in Gothenburg!

26-11-2005 11:19

Gothenburg’s second Critical Mass was a huge success.

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The al-Jazeera leak: how Blair benefits

26-11-2005 10:48

On the surface, this looks like a bad story for the British government, but we should look closer before coming to that conclusion.

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An “application form” for al-Qaeda?

26-11-2005 00:03

…from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ recent press conference:

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Critical Mass London - November Report

25-11-2005 23:54

Short report on this evenings trouble free, easy going and speedy mass.

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25-11-2005 20:03

CIA Fronts and Their Airplanes
We describe CIA treatment of prisoners so you can judge for yourself. Each escalation of maltreament reportedly comes ONLY after an inquiry to, and approval from, JOSE RODRIGUEZ, the CIA's Deputy Director of Operations (DDO) at the McLean, VA, headquarters. We describe how the torture works and how agents work it with Mr. Rodriguez (and allegedly with his predecessors, Stephen Kappes and James Pavitt).
The CIA shuttles the prisoners around the world on civilian aircraft, almost all of which the CIA owns. The CIA owns the aircraft through holding companies that have one employee -- a contracted private attorney in the US. A Smithfield, NC, firm, Aero Contractors, operates most of the planes. We show how the CIA aviation office works with private attorneys. The lawyers have no need to know what the planes are used for, and undoubtedly are not told about prisoner transports.

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Big Green Gathering Funding Crisis

25-11-2005 18:29

Big Green Gathering Faces Biggest Challenge Yet!

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Longing for the North

25-11-2005 16:55

Finland has the highest productivity in the EU and the lowest rich-poor differential. Inequality is not a panacea. According to a 2004 European Commission study, the Scandinavian model is the best protection against increasing income differences and poverty rates.