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Taxpayers are as insane as the thing they pay taxes to A.K.A. Tyrants and Tents

David Arthur Johnston | 26.11.2005 18:13 | Analysis | Culture | Repression

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Taxpayers are as insane as the thing they pay taxes to (A.K.A. Tyrants and Tent-cities)


Ultimately, the target is NOT a tent-city. The target is the mass realization of fate, as that is the key to objective fearlessness. The problem a lot of people have with fate is that it transcends the idea of 'individuality'... well that's just too bad- nobody gets to be original as far as this is concerned. Deal with it. You want to help the movement of righteousness and justice? Stop thinking you're making choices because you are supremely fooling yourself. Your every thought has been destined to be the only thing it could ever be. You (your ego) are not the originator of anything. Deal with it.

There will be no stepping towards freedom if people are determined to hold on to the lie of 'free-will'. This is not a 'David trying to start a cult' thing; I'm just lucky enough to have a simple truth obvious in my head. This is about freedom and justice for the entire planet. There is an absolute truth and off it is measured 'right'. You do not have the 'right' to believe in a lie. Pride could be said to be the only lie as it is the thinking that the 'ego' is an originator of things. When you understand that you can know what not to support. Now ask yourself how far you would go in not supporting a lie. Will you put yourself in a position where holding on to the truth means your death? Means greatest discomfort? The persecution of all your family and loved ones?

Life is a fantastic adventure. Live it. We need people not afraid of getting arrested for asserting the right to sleep. Will you help this motion? Will you get behind this?

The name 'Canada' represents the same mentality that literally and systematically raped thousands of native children in an attempt to demoralize an entire culture. The idea of 'private property' messes with the feng-shui of nature to a planet destroying degree.

Be here now.

in love,

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada

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David Arthur Johnston


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