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Top tips help to keep the peace

04-09-2001 08:31

Report from the May issue of the Police magazine the "Insider".

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RICO and richard(Armitage)

04-09-2001 03:28

Colin Powells SE asia pit bull has killed and stolen enough and must be put down.ASAP.

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Emergency! Squat! Emergency! Squat!

04-09-2001 02:09

A political squat is born in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) a month ago, and we need your support because they want to evicted it.

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Incinerator Stopped!

04-09-2001 01:55

Local activists stop the building of the incinerator at Crymlyn Burrows, near Swansea, Wales. Entrance to the site was blockaded, including 2 activists up a tripod...

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Incinerator construction halted

04-09-2001 00:41

The UK Government plans 140 controvercial waste incinerators,they willproduce dangerous particulates and dioxins.
Swansea is a crucial test case and is being vigouruosly opposed

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Lipetsk Workers Win Back Wages after Threatening Strike

03-09-2001 23:26

Workers at the Lipchanka enterprise in Lipetsk, a town about 300 km southeast of Moscow, threatened to take strike action on 3 September 2001 if the management continues to refuse to pay their wages still owing from June and

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Upcoming days of action you may have missed

03-09-2001 21:15

Hope these are helpful to somebody.
Get together. Get organising.
Know anymore? Add your own.

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Re-Post.... J.David Galland's.."Macedonia's Underhanded Dissolution"

03-09-2001 20:38

A Re-Posting by request. NATO's end game in Macedonia, the scheme of over two years bears fruit, Macedonia becomes a NATO Protectorate, why.....? European Economic Autonomy and the almighty "Euro Currenty". NATO ensures that instability is swatted like a mosquito in Macedonia.

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A Formal Complaint of Seattle Government, Media, and Police Abuse.

03-09-2001 08:20

Automatic reaction - Good or Bad?. Cops shooting at cops. Trauma is born.

Trauma is born By US all: Terrorism.

A Formal Complaint of Seattle Government, Seattle Media, and Seattle Police Abuse.

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Messiah "Tootsie"? Messiah Exarchou? Ain't No Difference Between the Two!

02-09-2001 23:02

This is a compilation of reports on the Supreme "Narky" of the U.S., Nicholas Exarchou, who the film "Tootsie" is probably based on. If this doesn't make post, find it just about any site but here.

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Peaceful protesters - a personal account of the G8 summit

02-09-2001 19:45

I went to the G8 summit to protest for debt relief to fund
universal primary education. I came back unhappy that the
media had missed such practical protests and concentrated
only on violence. Here is my account of the day,
reflections of what went wrong and what to do in future, and a warning about our

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Police cause illegal assembly

02-09-2001 19:21

Police cause illegal assembly at Burnley ANL farce

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Update on the Bilderberg article

02-09-2001 18:55

The article on the Call to Arms against Bilderberg was removed because the address at the top underneath the headline lead to a rascist site.

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02-09-2001 17:36

an article originaly in the Guargian 14 /7/01
Women in Black put us to shame, facing down ethnic cleansing and nuclear criminality

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I've Nothing to do with right-wing postings on the Bilderberg Group

02-09-2001 15:09

Nothing to do with recent postings on Bilderberg

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LE POLICIER COLUCCI : 100 000 nazis ont infiltré la manif anti-G8 !

02-09-2001 11:53


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Reuters articles on Bilderburg......

02-09-2001 11:39

With any luck IMC will have removed the Bilderburg stuff from below by the time I have posted this. Bilderburg is not just some far right conspiracy. Here are some articles from Reuters as well as a link to a Marxist academic paper on the subject.

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02-09-2001 10:29

Observer reports that a french company running a new detention centre at heathrow has got a special dispensation to get roound the minimum wage.

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DSEi - Get involved!!

02-09-2001 08:29

DSEi - get protected!!

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Race Relations: The American Possibilities

02-09-2001 05:04

The myth of taxation causing the Civil War, American Racism and a National Slave Memorial.