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28-11-2006 12:50

D-Locked Protestors Block Road outside Faslane
A dozen anti-nuclear campaigners from the North East have returned
home, after spending 27 hours in police cells in Scotland. The
campaigners, ranging in age from 16 to 73 and from Berwick to County
Durham, lay or sat in the road in front of the main gate of Faslane
naval base.

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Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre - 'Not fit for Purpose'

28-11-2006 11:10

Anne Owers HM Inspector of Prisons (HMIP) has published today a report on Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre (IRC), the UK's largest immigration removal centre, stating that it was not performing satisfactorily against ANY of the Inspectorate's tests of a healthy custodial environment and that poor relationships between custody officers and detainees were "worse than had been seen at any other detention centre" and was "Undoubtedly the poorest report" issued by HMIP of any IRC to date.

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danish pigs attack activists

28-11-2006 03:03

activists demonstrating against faderhuset, (rightwing fundamentalist christians) who are trying to evict them from ungdomshuset, are brutally attacked by the police. over 80 people arrested
see video here

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Interview: A London anarchist bookfair organiser

27-11-2006 23:50

The London anarchist bookfair is the biggest annual event for libertarians in the UK. This year was the first since one of the major organisers and founding member left, so Rob Ray interviewed one of the collective to see how they thought it went...

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Cancerous computers cause concern

27-11-2006 23:48

Following the clearing in 2004 of IBM in a lawsuit alleging they knew about carcinogens found in their computer chip factories, a new scientific study has been brought out confirming that workers in computer facilities have a high risk of developing cancer.

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Oxford Shoppers Left Bemused By Consumer Cult

27-11-2006 23:48

The iPostles warm up for a hard day's worship
The Rev. E. Littlehelps, Lord High Purchaser of the Cult of Consumerism, explains in his own words what happened when a group of activists pretending to be corporation-worshippers descended on Oxford City Centre for International Buy Nothing Day.

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Private health centres fall flat

27-11-2006 23:46

Rob Ray interviews a leading health watchdog on the rollout of Independent Sector Treatment Centres, which have faced strong criticism as heralding the start of privatisation for the NHS.

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East Anglia Social Forum in Cambridge, Dec 2nd

27-11-2006 22:09

The East Anglia Social Forum has been set for Saturday Dec 2 at the Ross
St. Community Centre in Cambridge, running from 1pm - 7pm.

The programme will include:

* Media workshop (writing press releases, doing interviews)
* Facilitation workshop
* Encryption/Internet security workshop
* Screen printing workshop
* Climate Camp and Plane Stupid talk
* Stenciling workshop (provisional)
* ID cards talk (provisional)
* Campaign against tuition fees talk (provisional)

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Licences For New Nuclear Power Stations Next Year?

27-11-2006 19:16

Blatant cut and paste of mainstream news article on french power company EdF's plans to seek a UK licence for new nuclear power stations

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27-11-2006 18:00

it's going to go off like chicken in the vegetable draw (well, almost)..

Now restrain yourself dear and stick to subject matter er that was chickens do you do they now do a wicked chicken wing at devonshire chip shop for a pound to you and knowing it was killed so i could eat it makes it taste all the better oh you twisted mother 0742..

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Support Mercy Murua and Peter Gichura, disabled activists at risk of deportation

27-11-2006 17:23

Mercy and Peter
Dear friends
We ask you to take action and speak out in support of Mercy Murua and Peter Gichura, two disabled activists who face almost certain persecution and death if they are deported back to Kenya. Ms, Murua is in WinVisible, and Mr, Gichura takes part in our joint activities, including the "Claim the Buses" transport action day by wheelchair users, organised by Transport for All in August 2006.

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Empty property in Farnborough town centre

27-11-2006 16:02

Farnborough town centre packed with Christmas shoppers
Council turns blind eye to empty property and worse still condones a housing association that deliberately vandalises empty maisonettes to render uninhabitable.

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Peter Sandy cleared of police allegations

27-11-2006 15:55

Peter Sandy has been cleared by the Standards Board of allegation made by the Police, allegations that were found to not have a shred of evidence to support them.

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ISS Justice for Cleaners Call for Support

27-11-2006 14:28

Cleaners need help to tackle big multinational company.

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pics an d videos from the fights in OAXACA

27-11-2006 14:18

videos, pics, from nov. 25th, the day of the police attack

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Buy Nothing Day in Redditch

27-11-2006 12:17

As part of International Buy Nothing Day, members of Redditch Friends of the Earth held a `free shop` & leaflet stall in Redditch Town Centre on Saturday, the aim being to highlight the environmental & ethical consequences of consumerism, and also to encourage people to live more and work/spend less!!

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World’s largest weapons inspection as Blair pushes for new N-Bomb

27-11-2006 11:53

Hundreds of people from across Britain are this
morning marching on the Atomic Weapons Establishment
at Aldermaston in Berkshire. They are converging in
large groups from all directions - by bus, train,
bicycle and on foot - determined to carry out the
world’s largest ever inspection of a nuclear weapons
factory. A big police presence of several hundred
officers is protecting the site.

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On the Ground: The govenor arrives and the women march - bad vibes in the bar

27-11-2006 01:57

Yesterday, Saturday 25 November, Chiapas state governor Pablo Salazar arrived in San Cristobal for a publicity visit.

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Elections in Ecuador: Towards 21st century socialism in Latin America.

27-11-2006 00:38

Correa Presidente
With about 57% of the vote in the exit polls, as opposed to 43% for the banana magnate Álvaro Noboa, the leftist economist Rafael Correa of Alianza País is set to win the presidency in Ecuador.

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Cops illegal search and arrest refugees

27-11-2006 00:08

20:00 hours Sheffield Cops illegally enter, search and arrest 2 refugees from squatted house