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Buy Nothing Day in Redditch

Redditch Rebel | 27.11.2006 12:17 | Birmingham

As part of International Buy Nothing Day, members of Redditch Friends of the Earth held a `free shop` & leaflet stall in Redditch Town Centre on Saturday, the aim being to highlight the environmental & ethical consequences of consumerism, and also to encourage people to live more and work/spend less!!

5 members of Redditch FOE held a 3 hour stall where we gave away over 100 items(incl videos, toys, books, household stuff etc) to the general public(one item each person). We also handed out over 400 leaflets(see above) about BND, plus many more about Freecycle etc and copies of Redditch FOE`s latest newsletter.

We felt the day was a great success and 2 local papers printed great articles about the forthcoming event, in last weeks editions. This is the first time that a BND event has been staged in Redditch, but it won`t be the last!

Redditch FOE are part of the recently formed Redditch Alliance of Greens, set up to boost co-operation and support between local `green` goups, and to create more awareness of the good work we`re all involved in.

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