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Irish Protest at Sellafield

24-11-2001 15:52

A new Irish anti Sellafield Campaign began at main gate to plant yesterday.

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Swedish Police Fakes Video Evidence Against Activist.

24-11-2001 12:56

A 27 minutes long documentary (in swedish mostly)recorded from swedish television Channel One.reposted from imc sweden complete article and comments.and repost from

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Lord Chief Justice questions paedophile convictions .Ferganoid

24-11-2001 10:19

Lord Woolf, said "It may be that in some respects, in relation to some sexual offences, the balance has gone the wrong way already."

POSSIBLE FACT: People in high places are scared.

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Foreign Office Minister sprayed with fake blood

24-11-2001 02:01

Foreign Office minister Ben Bradshaw has been sprayed with fake blood by an anti-war protester at a meeting in his constituency.

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Venezuela. Chile 1973 revisited?

24-11-2001 01:42

US propaganda, lies, and signs of foreign intervervention against Hugo Chavez' leftist independent government are stark reminders of US foreign policy's dark past, present and short-lived future.

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24-11-2001 01:19

Irish Anti-Capitalists Get Your Arse To Brussels

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Afghanistan, the unfolding catastrophy

23-11-2001 20:22

A report by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, taken from the Znet site.

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23-11-2001 20:09

WTO Qatar Summit - picket and meeting in London on 9 & 10 November

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The FTAA and the WTO: The meta-program for global corporate rule

23-11-2001 20:09

Putin's Eurasia plans and the Pakistan-India conflict are both examples of what this book is talking about. Governments owned by corporations, being evil themselves, only create more evil within when they seek to profit ruling-class elites by making war on alleged evil from without. --D.E., Yakima

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Blairs extraordinary speech

23-11-2001 19:18

It could be that he wants to be a president

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offensive article in today's Independent

23-11-2001 18:11

Yet another truly offensive article in today's Independent by David Aaronovitch (below). Please write a response to:
and copy the letter to Aaronovitch himself:

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Brussels protests 13 / 14 December

23-11-2001 17:43

Getting to Brussels and the declaration of the organisers

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Ithaca's Coal-gas Fiasco Continued!!!!

23-11-2001 15:42

This is an update on what's been happening in this town that David Barry has been wondering about.

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How Will the WTO affect my Education????

23-11-2001 14:49

Could anybody reccomend sites or prepare a piece on the impact the implication of GATS will have on third level education?

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The only thing to do to Taliban bigots

23-11-2001 14:45

Castrate them and put a few bullets in their body. Literally. Use a camera to dissuade future jehadis from wasting their lives.

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Moscow Nazis Attack Market - update

23-11-2001 14:38

From B&H guestbook. Email is for a guy who posted it, allegedly. They boast of discipline and of hiring private buses. THEY ASK THAT THE SAME HAPPEN IN LONDON.

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banner drop - war my arse

23-11-2001 13:21

banner drop - war my arse
This banner was dropped over Westminster Bridge by an autonomous group of activists.

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bin laden, bin bush, bin blair

23-11-2001 13:18

bin laden, bin bush, bin blair
banner seen at anti-war demo on Sunday 18th (article 1)

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Papal Chappie apologizes for perverts and child abusers in the church

23-11-2001 08:39

Pope John Paul II has sent an apology by e-mail for a string of injustices, including sexual abuse, committed by Roman Catholic clergy in Oceania.
His message also addressed the issue of sexual abuse: "In certain parts of Oceania, sexual abuse by some clergy

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U.S. Protects Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Kosovo

23-11-2001 08:26

While the United States is relentlessly bombing Afghanistan with the official aim of getting Osama bin Laden, one of bin Laden's top collaborators is running a terrorist training camp in an area of Kosovo that is under U.S. control.
The shocking revelation has been confirmed by multiple sources: