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Faslane blockaded again - Faslane 365

13-04-2007 12:08

Trident Ploughshares ( as part of Faslane 365, the year long blockade of Britains nuclear weapons base, succesfully blockaded Faslane on the Clyde for 2 hours. Protestors arrived simultaneously and used concrete reinforced lock-on tubes to block 3 entrances. Base workers were unable to get in and work in the base was disrupted.

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Faslane naval base fully blockaded for over two hours

13-04-2007 11:39

Activists blockade the North Entrance to Faslane
13 April 2007 - Argyle and Bute, Scotland.

Activists from Trident Ploughshares this morning blockaded all three entrances to the Faslane naval base, home of the United Kingdom's nuclear weapons. The base was completely shut for over two hours and 24 people were arrested.

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Block G8 2007 Germany- new English Flier

13-04-2007 10:25

At the beginning of June 2007, the heads of state and government of the eight largest economic powers will come together for the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm near Rostock.

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Important welfare reform meeting:London

13-04-2007 10:23

as the war on the poor continues with the Welfare Reform Bill, the Freud Review and now even lie detectors being trialled for benefit claimants....,

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Truth and consequences

13-04-2007 09:28

In the space of around 25 years, the combination of the computer and the global telephone network have transformed communications. From its early days at the beginning of the 1980s, when, aside from a handful of transnational media corporations, computer-based communications existed only in defence-related academia (eg ARPANET) or the weird world of the ‘hackers’, (which is how I came across the medium, not that I qualified as a ‘hacker’ but I had a $200 Commodore computer and a modem, the rest is history).

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The Great American Catalyzing Event

13-04-2007 09:18

Somewhere inside the halls of governance, where power and control and greed unleash their fiery cocktail of wickedness, where corrupt men and criminal cabals strategize over master plans of delusion and domination, there lies an unnerving fear of a movement, still in its infancy, of a mass tectonic shift in human energy. This movement, while barely growing legs, gaining experience and slowly learning the massive power within its grasp, is the tremor being felt underneath the putrid and rotting nest of corruption and criminality called Washington.

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13-04-2007 08:25

UK has not ratified the Protocol

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13-04-2007 04:28


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Singo furious over Broadcast Regulator’s ruling on Alan Jones

13-04-2007 03:39

One could almost feel sorry for highflying, right wing, media types who derive a living from exploiting the lowest aspects of human nature. But there is ‘no love lost’ around here and I imagine anywhere else. Media moguls are getting a taste of life at the receiving end, perhaps they may think twice before making IRRESPONSIBLE racist, vilifying comments at the expense of those in the least position to defend themselves. The results of negative media hype and racist remarks include foul abuse levelled at you, your wife and kids in public; being spat on for no reason other than your skin colour or religion, and the ugly culmination of all racist behaviour, the race riot (Cronulla, 2005). Are we sorry the purveyors of social division and slur are experiencing frustration at the lack of recourse and remedial action available to them – not on your life?

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Who really bombed Paris?

13-04-2007 01:42

Ever since the 1995 bombing of the Paris metro by the Algerian Armed Islamic Group (GIA) made France the first western European country to suffer so-called radical Islamist terrorism, its politicians and "terror experts" have consistently warned Britain to the dangers of welcoming Islamist political dissidents and radical preachers to her shores.

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Free Alan Johnston

13-04-2007 00:22

Free all the hostages in Gaza
Even bad journalists working for hypocritcal employers shouldn't be kidnapped. Kidnap one person and you kidnap a family. Kidnap an entire nation though and anything can happen.

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Jungle people could get killed in land clash - help protest!

13-04-2007 00:22

Lives could be lost in a confrontation over jungle land in Paraguay.

The rainforest of Amotocodie in Paraguay is home to isolated groups of Ayorèode indigenous people.

The company UMBU S.A. has bought 40,000 hectares of virgin rainforest right in the centre of Amotocodie, in order to establish cattle ranches.

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Over 250 DR Congolese on Anti-Deportation demo in Birmingham

13-04-2007 00:13

More than 250 DR Congolese turned out for the Anti-Deportation demo in Birmingham on Thursday 12 April

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Liverpool Alternative Radical Film Festival

13-04-2007 00:07

To celebrate May Day, the Liverpool Social Centre Group are launching LARF, the Liverpool Alternative Radical Film Festival with a program of provocative and radical films.

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Hambali denies Al Qaeda link

13-04-2007 00:02

Another political scapegoat
But notice the double question "while you were a member of JI?"

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Solihull Protest Against Deportations to DRC

12-04-2007 23:45

the designated protest area on the grounds of Sandford House
Over 200 people protested today at the immigration reporting centre in Solihull, near Birmingham, against deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The protest, organised by the Congo Support Project, was part of a UK-wide coordinated day of action to mark a "directions hearing" for the Country Guidance Tribunal regarding DRC asylum seekers.

There was a large and heavy-handed police presence and the protest was penned, twice, into the car park after protesters refused to stay in the tiny designated area on the grounds of Sandford House. Protesters, however, broke off after a while and blockaded the road for about 2 hours. Two people were arrested, one also assaulted by an aggressive cop. They were released later on but only because their fellow protesters, in an empowering show of solidarity, refused to leave the site before they were released.

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London Sound Posse Presents: The Strange Death of Dr David Kelly

12-04-2007 23:40

Summary: Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP) for Lewes in East Sussex England, speaks and fields questions about his research into the strange death of UN weapons inspector Dr David Kelly.

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12-04-2007 23:18

*National Union of Journalists (NUJ) members have launched a campaign against a university's plans to apply for "unjust and unfair" costs against a former employee.*

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Asylum Rights: national day of action in defence of asylum rights on 19th May!

12-04-2007 23:13

Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) calls on all those opposed to the current attacks on asylum seekers to join us in a national day of action in defence of asylum rights on Saturday 19th May.

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Carbon Die Oxide II

12-04-2007 22:58

MNPF Trails 2007
Maximizing non pollutant fuels
Reducing world poverty
Arresting mental distress