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Faslane blockaded again - Faslane 365

Faslane 365 | 13.04.2007 12:08 | Faslane | Anti-militarism

Trident Ploughshares ( as part of Faslane 365, the year long blockade of Britains nuclear weapons base, succesfully blockaded Faslane on the Clyde for 2 hours. Protestors arrived simultaneously and used concrete reinforced lock-on tubes to block 3 entrances. Base workers were unable to get in and work in the base was disrupted.

Roughly 40 people arrived at the base from various directions with lock-ons ready for a morning of protest. The lock-ons were well made, with lots of different materials to delay the cutting team. By the end of the action the cutting team were visably exhausted after almost two hours of cutting and bashing through the concrete. In the end there was 24 arrests made from 4 groups of lock-ons at all the entrances to the base.

This action continues from the on going movement against nuclear weapons in the UK, with Faslane 365 putting pressure on the home of the current weapons system, and Block The Builders ( disrupting the building of facilities that will be used to make the next generation of nuclear weapons.

This action brings the total arrests at Faslane since October to 730, with 170 days still to go. Students are prepairing for a camp during the summer to concentrate on nuclear action ( and a German group are also organising a camp during May.

"Regardless of the parlament vote, Trident is illegal and immoral, and we will continues to take every step we can to disrupt the continued threat of these death machines."

Faslane 365
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