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WDM preview screening of THE YES MEN

31-01-2005 16:36

The World Development Movement is hosting a special preview screening of hilarious new documentary THE YES MEN at the Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, London on Sunday 13th February at 12 noon

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Citizens' Declarations for a Nuclear-Free World

31-01-2005 16:35

Citizen Law can help abolish nuclear weapons.

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Turkish entry in U E

31-01-2005 12:40

The European Union head states meeting in Brussels in December 16 to decide on the entry of TURKEY into the UE was splashed in headlines across all the newspapers all over the world.
This historic turn of the Turkish population, mainly composed of Muslims and having been waiting for 40 years to become a full member of the European community, has met with a chorus of disapproval among more than one camp.

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Coca Cola in Colombia - Cambridge meeting

31-01-2005 10:11

Coca Cola is accused of trade-union busting in Colombia. Find out the latest news and how you can help to hold this and other corporations accountable. Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Cambridge Simultaneous Policy Adopters' Group meeting.

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Never again - Until Tomorrow

31-01-2005 04:34

Bare-headed in the snow-covered camp Romani Rose, a leading spokesman for Europe's 10 million Roma at the Aushwitz commemoration yesterday, gave us a grim glimpse of the past and an impassioned warning for the future.

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London Mayday police on trial

31-01-2005 03:04

On mayday 2001 3000 people were held captive by police for over 7 hours at oxford circus during the mayday protests.

Two people have subsequently taken the police to court over the legality of such a tactic. This week is the final week of the trial (starts monday 31st ends thursday)

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Iraqis risk their lives to vote, but the occupation continues

31-01-2005 02:04

Voices in the Wilderness draw attention to the inability of the Iraqi election to change the fact of occupation.

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Miners Advice Centre Benefit in Norwich

30-01-2005 22:21

Miners Adive and Resources Centre Benefit

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The Drums of War

30-01-2005 19:47

The probable propaganda techniques for the next war and the reasons I believe it will be against Iran.

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Amy Goodman in London

30-01-2005 18:31

Amy Goodman leaving the stage
Amy Goodman talks at LSE about US media ownership, bias and censorship.

But has she seen what we have to put up with?

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Thank you England

30-01-2005 16:50

I was in London today voting for the first time in my life, my father for the first time in over 50 years

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French Fox

30-01-2005 15:58

French activism has a new media. A fanzine that you can find nailed on tress.
The new issue is the fifth, it's given with a content data cdr, full of sounds, video, goodies and texte.

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Protest at home office by Zimbabwean refugees.

30-01-2005 14:27

Refugees protest over home office ruling that could see them deported.

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A song for Sri Lanka — musicians appeal for backing

30-01-2005 14:20

Unsigned band “Shalika” have recorded a song entitled “26/12/04” to mark the tsunami catastrophe and raise funds for victims in Sri Lanka. The London-based musicians have paid for studio time out of their own pockets and are appealing for backing from a record label. The band is also planning two gigs to raise funds for projects being organised by Sri Lankan swimwear manufacturer MAS Linea Aqua and the Diocese of Colombo.

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Cherie Blair cashes in on Cancer Victims

30-01-2005 09:25

Cherie Blair was accused last night of "trading on her husband's name" after it was reported that she stood to earn a six-figure sum from a charity fund-raising tour of Australia.

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Blair in Manchester: Urgent

30-01-2005 09:17

I have just found out from an inside source that Tony Blair will be in Manchester in MONDAY AFTERNOON to open the Wythenshawe Forum.

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Saturday January 29th: new demonstration in Tenerife

30-01-2005 08:32

On Saturday January 29th at 11AM a new demonstration took place in Tenerife, this time in Santa Cruz´s neighbouring city of La Laguna:

* Against antisocial, undemocratic and corrupt economic speculation in favour of a few at the cost of many
* In favour of genuine and sustainable ecological and social progress

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Wimbledon Sainsbury's targetted in anti-GM protest.

30-01-2005 03:28

London Earth First! targetted a Sainsbury's in Wimbledon town centre in a protest against Sainsbury's sale of GM milk