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Ken Loach speaks about Genova

17-07-2001 08:19

State terrorism in Italy: agent provocators?

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Flashpoints Radio, July 16, 2001: nuclear cancer study; audio from Israel arrest

17-07-2001 06:24

KPFA Flashpoints Radio July 16, 2001: (link to audio in 'full story' text below)
- Dr Joseph Mangano and legendary physicist Dr. Ernest J Sternglass about nuclear plant cancer risks, the Tooth Fairy Project; Florida mother who lives near nuke plant, her infant daughter has cancer; Dr. Janette D. Sherman (44 min)
- Audio of Israeli women activists during arrest for disrupting Ariel Sharon at the Jewish Olympics (11 min)

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The Guardian : Corporate Control Freaks

17-07-2001 05:47

This is the enlargement article!
What is the Look at their sponsors
Isn't this just a touch sinister ?

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The Guardian : Blairite Control Freaks

17-07-2001 05:41

Sorry this is becoming an obsession about Blairite control of the Guardian agenda but here is an article from Cherie Booth, (but isn't her other surname Blair?) Shouldn't we be told? onthe same day an article from the Centre for European Reform ranting Blarite rubbish about EU enlargement.

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Ljubljana: Publixtheatre Caravan at detention center action

17-07-2001 00:05

The Publixtheatre Caravan is connecting some sites of the summer of resistance, starting from
Vienna via Salzburg and the Slovenian bordercamp to Genoa, finally to the internal bordercamp
at Frankfurt airport. Here's a report from an action at a detention center in Ljubljana:

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BBC report on Independent Media

17-07-2001 00:03

This BBC story seems remarkably fair, as does the TV report (M-peg left of text page). But I would say that. I was the producer :) What does anyone else think?!


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Polish bordercamp football game: 7:2 for Krykni youth!

16-07-2001 23:43

8 July: After police intimidation the previous day, noborder activists organised a Hyde Park
style concert in the Polish village of Krynki. They might be good in organising sound
systems but they're crap at football!

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Happening at Polish bordercamp wins over locals

16-07-2001 23:35

A happening in the nearby town of Krykni took place with local participants who didn't like the
police intimidation. The police alert against a funny and serious intervention in public space is
seen as part of a state-campaign against the bordercamp in Poland. 300 campers can make

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Fences in Genoa (pic)

16-07-2001 23:24

Fences in Genoa (pic)
...setting up fences to 'protect' the red zone....

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Polish bordercamp: generator x reports

16-07-2001 23:16

Generator X, a media-equiped van with a solar powered energy supply, participated
in the Polish bordercamp. Despite police intimidation, an intervention in Krinky brought
the message: "no borders!" across. Some music and a head-on humour helped...
despite police intimidation and

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Campsfield "No Borders" camp opens Wednesday night

16-07-2001 23:10

The Campsfield "No Borders" protest camp will open at Campsfield Immigrant Detention Centre, nr Kidlington, Oxford, on the night of Wednesday 18 July.

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gothenburg 2001-06

16-07-2001 18:53

gothenburg 2001-06
the gothenburg protests against bush n other scum

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Latest Genoa info as of 8pm Monday

16-07-2001 18:41

Latest info on Border crossings and accomodation and demos leading up to G8

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Merseyside Firefighters dispute

16-07-2001 18:27

Merseyside Firefighters dispute
Merseyside firefighters, Officers and Emergency Fire Control Operators start an eight day strike in a dispute over management attempt to break national conditions over recruitment, which will impact on safety. Hundreds of FBU members from around the country join them in solidarity. 12/07/01

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Disabled Action Network

16-07-2001 18:05

Disabled Action Network
Disabled activists(DAN)handcuff themselves to Parliament. Protest against government attacks on disabled benifit. 16/07/01

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Climate change commuters occupy London train

16-07-2001 16:40

Commuters refused to pay full fare for their train tickets, asking for reduced fares to reduce climate change.

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report about letter bomb in Genoa from Associated press

16-07-2001 16:08

news report about letter bomb in Genoa. copied from AP world.

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16-07-2001 14:41


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Some latest info on Genoa regarding Accomodation etc by People Not Profit from

16-07-2001 14:13

Things coming together well in Genoa

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Reports of a bomb in Genoa

16-07-2001 11:37