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Edinburgh blockade a damp squib

06-07-2005 07:37

Blockade of the Sheritan Hotel in Edinburgh never got started.

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Images from Edinburgh gathering

06-07-2005 07:26

Human surveillance
Large police presence outside Sheraton Hotel where Japanese delegates are staying.

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[G8] 35 vans going to exit 9 of M80->A9

06-07-2005 07:24

I just got a call from ppl driving on the M80 heading north towards Stirling (south of Bannockburn) they just found 35 police vans moving south.

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[G8] Blockades still going on in M9 near Stirling

06-07-2005 07:12

A call to the Stirling Camp IMC center informs us that the M9 is still blocked.

The group working there is blocking the road and going into the fields and hiding in the bushes and then coming back.

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Interview to person in M9 blockade

06-07-2005 06:58

We have managed to get an interview to a person who participated in a blockade during the night and the early morning.

He got separated from the group he was with.

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CFUV interview with Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite download

06-07-2005 06:43

Max Sloan has a conversation author Lawrence ytzhak Braithwaite on witchhunts, gangs, terrorist, gentrifcation, crack and fear culture on Sad and Beautiful World/ fri 16 may 2003

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06-07-2005 06:36

At 6am on the first day of the G8 summit protesters successfully blocked the A822 on a bridge at the south of Crieff.

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Glasgow Timeline, Wednesday 6

06-07-2005 04:51

Actions and events in Glasgow.

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G8 whithout any news from ten french activits arrested monday

06-07-2005 01:49

Sunday July 04, the police forces made a massive descent in Edinburgh where were converging thousands of anti-G8 militants. 120 militants were arrested arbitrarily.Among them, members of the European sambas network taking part in the pink block, festif and nonviolent.

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Whilst the G8 crooks fiddle at Gleneagles

06-07-2005 01:31

young men in detention are dying on hunger strike.

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Mbeki's brother says Africa was better off under colonialism

06-07-2005 01:19

The truth... from none other than President Mbeki's Brother! Too bad his brother won't be any different

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Beacons of Dissent! Ablaze Above Gleneagles

06-07-2005 00:16

On Tuesday 5th July, the first wave of hillwalkers set off into the Ochil hills - walking for several hours to reach the peaks overlooking Gleneagles itself.

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05-07-2005 23:39

On the Evening of Saturday July 2nd,a street party took place out front of the Forest Café on Bristo Place. People were dancing and playing music in the street, which had been blocked off since the Make Poverty History march during that same day. At 00:15 the police arrived at Bristo Place and began what seemed to be a training exercise.

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Report of `Carnival for full enjoyment` on Monday 4th July. 12 photos attached.

05-07-2005 23:02

This is a 1,500 word report of the `Carnival for full enjoyment`
which took place in Edinburgh on Monday 4th July 2005. 12 labelled photos of the day are attached.

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Bougainville News Item

05-07-2005 22:44

Will political chicanery win for the Copper bosses. Recent message from PNG:

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IMC Stirling On-Line

05-07-2005 22:11

IMC Stirling in the Eco-camp convergence space has been online and running since Tuesday morning. Open publishing, video editing taking place as we speak. Come and use this resource as you need it.

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Live8 Shocker!

05-07-2005 22:02

David Beckham was present within the Golden Circle at Live8, Hyde Park... Beckham accepts huge amounts of 'sponsor' money from third world labour abusing corporations like Nike...

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Change To Route Of G8 March

05-07-2005 21:09

THE ROUTE of the G8 protest march at Gleneagles tomorrow has been changed at the 11th hour after fears arose that a bottleneck at security fences could result in casualties.

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Photos From Dungavel Prison Protest

05-07-2005 20:57

Dungavel Prison
Pictures from a protest at the Dungavel Prison in Scotland

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World's biggest corporate lobby group delivers G8's agenda

05-07-2005 20:54

The Internatinal Chamber of Commerce is the world's most powerful corporate lobby group. It's head meets the G8 before the summit begins to deliver big businesses requests.