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Blood and Belief. A history of the PKK. Alizia Marcus. A critical review.

20-11-2007 23:22

The mainstream media are quoting from a new book on the Kurdish Freedom Fighters, PKK, called Blood and Belief. But how did this book come about and why is it written now? Pro Kurdish Freedom Movement blogger Hevallo looks at the book.

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Portsmouth Greyhound Track visited for the 3rd time - ALF

20-11-2007 21:12

"Thinking about buying Portsmouth Greyhound Track? You’ll be buying one heck of a maintenance bill. Enjoy…… we’ll be back time and time and time again until you close down FOR GOOD." Animal Liberation Front

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210 Hens liberated from battery farm by the ALF

20-11-2007 21:02

"This farm can only be described as HELL… infested with flies, almost 5ft of waste, hens going mad in their cages, ammonia saturated air, live mice stuck to glue traps dying in agony. " ALF

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Please come to this gig-Alabama 3 /Circus 2 Iraq/23rd Nov Brixton Jamm

20-11-2007 20:38

A top gig in aid of an amazing project...

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The empire’s operatives exposed: The Krongards, 9/11, and Blackwater/Iraq

20-11-2007 19:28

New bombshell testimony before Congress has revealed that Alvin B. “Buzzy” Krongard, the former CIA executive director connected to 9/11 insider trading, is a consultant and advisory board member of Blackwater USA, the New World Order’s leading intelligence-related corporate mercenary death squad now under investigation for war crimes, murder, arms smuggling, and fraud in Iraq.

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Britain Institutes Death Penalty

20-11-2007 18:54

For the first time, Britain will tomorrow deport a failed asylum seeker back to Uzbekistan. Jahongir Sidikov, a member of the banned main opposition party Erk, is currently held in Harmondswoth Detention Centre. His ticket has already been purchased for deportation tomorrow.

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Asylum applications, deportations and detention

20-11-2007 18:19

Home Office latest figures.
Detention cetres full at 95% capacity

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Two vigils demanding the release of Meltem Avcil from Yarl's Wood

20-11-2007 18:11

Two vigils demanding the release of 14-year-old Meltem Avcil from Yarl's Wood removal centre. Meltem’s birthday is tomorrow Wednesday 21 November 2007.

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France: The workers must take the struggle into their own hands!

20-11-2007 18:08

Seldom has trade-union unity been so great in the country: almost all the trade unions, including the most collaborationist, call for an indefinite strike at the SNCF, because of the determination and combativeness of the workers!
But what objective does this united leadership set for the struggle to come? In 1995 the objective was clear: total withdrawal of the Prime Minister Juppé plan against the pensions. Today what is the objective of this trade-union unity?
Total withdrawal of the new attack against the pensions?

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The Money Club

20-11-2007 17:14

The money club is calling for monetary justice.

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EDO MBM Fined for Failing To File Accounts

20-11-2007 16:30

Brighton arms company EDO MBM Technology Ltd are three weeks late filing their full accounts for 2006.

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Brown reaffirms his pro-US credentials on Iran and Europe

20-11-2007 16:13

Key foreign policy announcements, advanced as proof of how Prime Minister Gordon Brown would articulate a new vision following the disaster suffered by Labour under Tony Blair due to Iraq, have only exposed the deep malaise affecting his government.

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Palestine Today 112007

20-11-2007 15:20

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday, November 20th, 2007.

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EMERGENCY BROADCAST - America is Seriously Wrong

20-11-2007 15:19

Color of Law?

Look, families are threatened with arrest for not agreeing
to cause neurological brain damage to their children. The cause
for why their children are not in school, is not the parents
fault, but the unlawful decision by the health authority to
not allow the children in school.

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Criticism of Neoliberalism: Book Review

20-11-2007 14:17

The neoliberal understanding of freedom restricts the possibilities of individuals to participation in the market. Structural and economic power are faded out.

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Nighttime attack on EDO

20-11-2007 14:16

EDO MBM in Home Farm Road, Brighton, produce weapons for the US and UK in Iraq and the Israeli military

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Oxford / Burma solidarity march

20-11-2007 13:45

As part of an ongoing expression of solidarity with the people of Burma, Saturday 17 December witnessed a march of 200 people through Oxford

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TOTALitarian Oil Out of Burma - demos this week

20-11-2007 13:37

Various demos this week, including National Day of Action on Saturday 24th November, supported by Burma Campaign UK.

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Depopulation, Global Warming and the British Royal Family

20-11-2007 13:21

Webster Tarpley gives his view on Global Warming and believes the British Royal family are still part of a depopulation agenda

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Huge strikes in France and Germany

20-11-2007 13:02

German train drivers on strike
Since about one week huge strikes in France and Germany.
German railway workers didn´t work last week and said, if their demands will be not taken seriously they will go on striking until next year.
French railway workers are also on strike since one week, as well as French teachers will be this week. French students are also on strike and occupied and blockaded up to now 56 of ca. 80 universities. They fight against social cuts (so called "reforms") planned by the Sarkozy government.