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Anti-War Protestors Turn Fire On Auntie.

02-12-2004 09:47

In a sign of growing sophistication, anti-war activists are taking their battle to the doors of the BBC. In what they describe as ‘A Call For Light’, a broad coalition of activist groups have organised a vigil outside the BBC’s Bush House in Aldwych, London at 5.30pm on December 2nd. Their aim is to publicise what they describe as biased and unbalanced coverage by the national broadcaster.

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Car-bombing, Coup-plotting & the CIA in Venezuela

02-12-2004 04:12

piece in thursday's morning star promoting tonight's vigil

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BBC Airs NYC forced drugging story.

01-12-2004 23:34

Liam Scheff's investigation into the forced drugging of children in NYC (and nationally) as part of NIH clinical trials is receiving an airing on BBC television Tonight (Tues 11/30/04).

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Anti-Capitalist Symbols Hijacked for G8 2005 (J18 and Ya Basta!)

01-12-2004 21:17

Here's a blatent hijacking and cheeky borrowing of two significant symbols from the anti-capitalist movements, ahead of next years G8...

J18 and Ya Basta!

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Protest the BBC

01-12-2004 19:22

Tomorrow, December 2, the peace group A Call For Light is organising a peaceful vigil outside the BBC, Bush House, Aldwych, London, between 5:30pm and 7:00pm.

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Educate the G8 - roadshow visits Bradford 12th Dec

01-12-2004 19:05

TRAPESE - Resisting G8 @ 1in12 Club, Bradford, Sunday 12th Dec
Take radical action (through) popular education and sustainable

4-6pm Workshops
6-7pm Cafe
7.30pm TRAPESE Pub Quiz
later on Music

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Xmas Bookfair

01-12-2004 17:45

Good 2nd hand Books, CDs, Videos, Tapes & Computers for sale Saturday 11 December 12 – 3 pm at Crossroads Women’s Centre, Kentish Town Rd, NW5 (entrance in Caversham Rd) to raise funds for Black Women’s Rape Action Project and Women Against Rape
wheelchair accessible

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Icelandic Embassy in London Invaded

01-12-2004 17:23

Activists target Icelandic Embassy in protest at the planned construction of the Karahnjukar dam.

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Anti-war forum - Glasgow 11 & 12 December

01-12-2004 16:58

Strengthening networks of resistance to war: an anti-war forum
11th & 12th December, Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow
Two days of workshops and discussion aimed at strengthening networks of resistance to war.

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Calling all temp workers, wage slaves, job seekers....

01-12-2004 15:02

PRECARITY Gathering // Dec. 11th, 2004
Calling all temp workers, wage slaves, job seekers, new dealers....

PRECARITY* Discussion Day >> IDEAS & ACTIONS >> DEC. 11th. 2004

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Racist Manchester Police Fake More "Terror" Raids

01-12-2004 14:41

More so-called "terror" arrests in Manchester - will they turn out to be WRONGFUL arrests like the last time we saw these DIVERSION TACTICS in Manchester?

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Good news for anti-ID campaign

01-12-2004 14:38

A press release from Financial Times, at, published today December 1st.
Good news for anti-ID campaigners.
Anti-ID views from a traditionally "respectable" lobby.

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Sherwood Forest Camp on High Eviction Alert

01-12-2004 14:36

Sherwood Forest protest camp at Mansfeild Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire are on high eviction Alert after they have been issued new Papers earlier this week, Balifs and unmarked security vans are now patrolling the area and equipment is being delived to site.
The camp expects to be evicted very soon. They need people to act now, get on camp

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Aznar in Oxford - Friday!

01-12-2004 12:05

This Friday, Jose Maria Aznar is coming to the Oxford Union. He is the
ex Prime Minister of Spain, and one of the three world leaders who initiated
the invasion of Iraq (along with Bush and Blair). As well as this, he is an
extremely right-wing ideologue, hated in Spain by those who fight for the
environment, human rights and social justice.

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01-12-2004 11:57

As American society contracts in fear and adopts the social and psychological shackles of totalitarian rule – the other side of the world expands in fearless, peaceful Unity.

The people of the Ukraine have united in opposition to a corrupt and oppressive regime.

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Trapese Roadshow Workshops at Merci 15th & 16th Dec

01-12-2004 11:56

T*R*A*P*E*S*E -
Two Day of Workshops - At Merci - Bridge 5 Mill,

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Protest at Coca-Cola's Violence In India

01-12-2004 10:28

FAX ACTION: Coca-Cola: STOP Destroying Lives, Livelihoods and Communities in India

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Dairy Milk?

01-12-2004 10:27

Consuming large amounts of milk increases the risk of developing ovarian cancer, new research suggests. Once again the Vegan diet is shown to be the way forward for health, animals and the planet.

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Jamming the Nike Run London - Protest Report

01-12-2004 08:37

Reports from Sunday 28th November at the Finish line of the Nike Run London race at Surrey Quays


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Ukraine elections betray Western bias

01-12-2004 06:29

Western media are misrepresenting the Ukrainian election crisis as a conflict between the forces of democracy and dictatorship, according to numerous political analysts.