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Educate the G8 - roadshow visits Bradford 12th Dec

jonny | 01.12.2004 19:05 | Education | Globalisation | Repression | Sheffield

TRAPESE - Resisting G8 @ 1in12 Club, Bradford, Sunday 12th Dec
Take radical action (through) popular education and sustainable

4-6pm Workshops
6-7pm Cafe
7.30pm TRAPESE Pub Quiz
later on Music

TRAPESE facilitate workshops on
1)background to the G8, how it came to be and why its important to mobilise
against them.
2)Climate Change and the Government Greenwash,
3)Dissent! history of G8 resistance, ideas for action and networking and
training for local groups.

T.R.A.P.E.S.E tel 07904 452297

1in12 Club
Albion Street, Bradford 1
tel. 01274 734160

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