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Christian Morality and Economic Reason

23-12-2006 13:52

Finance capital circling anonymously around the globe seeking only short-term profit must expect the resistance of the affected and of the church that turns to the affected. The question is who really profits from the globalization of the finance world and when the concentration of wealth and creative possibilities in thehands of a few endangers the social peace.

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We cum in peace

23-12-2006 13:09

I was going to write a piece about yesterdays synchronized global orgasm for peace but see little point wasting my time writing original articles for Indymedia only to have the gatekeepers to open publishing remove them (, Maybe when the IMC admin team get their act together I might post a proper write up but in the meantime here is a shameless collection cut and paste from various other reports on the event.

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Al Qaeda greater than Nazis says Sir Ian Blair

23-12-2006 12:42

Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, today told the press that he considers Al Qaeda to be even greater than Hitlers Nazis in terms of threat to civilian life. Although Sir Ian admitted that he had no intelligence, relating to a specific attack, he warning of possible outrages this Christmas saying that the threat was "unparalled and growing".

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Council's attempt to seize man's home thwarted

23-12-2006 12:11

Attempts by the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor to seize a bungalow that a local man was renovating have suffered a temporary setback.

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Iran’s Holocaust conference and the dead end of bourgeois nationalism

23-12-2006 11:31

The "speech of Rabbi Cohen in Teheran: Orthodox Jewish attitude to the 'Holocaust'" repost has, so far, over 50 comments, many of a dubious nature:

The WSWS web site has just published an article on "Iran’s Holocaust conference and the dead end of bourgeois nationalism":

An extract appears below.

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Bears That Have Stopped Hibernating: More GW Consequences

23-12-2006 01:38

This article tells of bears in Spain that for at least three years have not hibernated, rather they stayed active because there was plenty to eat and no need for the normal slumber. It also tells of many other plant and wildlife abnormalities attributed to the rising temperatures in Europe.

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List of Exhibitors at the Counter Terror World Exhibition

22-12-2006 23:02

Earlier this month, London's Olympia hosted the first Counter Terror World exhibition, at which companies and countries from around the world "shared with each other lessons learned in the war on terror." The official website of the exhibition ( has been taken down and now re-directs to So the information that the site provided (list of exhibitors etc.) is not available on the web any more. Therefore, we reproduce some of that info below.

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Extreme Autumn Temperatures Cause Unseasonable Flowering In The Netherlands

22-12-2006 20:32

Observers in the Netherlands reported that more than 240 wild plant species were flowering in December, along with more than 200 cultivated species. According to biologist Arnold van Vliet of Wageningen University, this unseasonable flowering is being caused by extremely high autumn temperatures.

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New police clampdown - on Halloween masks

22-12-2006 19:37

Recycle or burn - masked protest in 2005.
A couple of months back, some people protesting against landfill at Hafod Quarry in North Wales wore Halloween masks and blockaded the gates. One of the protesters has now been issued with a fixed penalty notice under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986.

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Report exposes European complicity in CIA torture flights

22-12-2006 19:29

The European parliament has produced a report on the complicity of European governments in the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) practice of extraordinary rendition—the illegal transferring of detainees to locations where they stand a high risk of being tortured. Issued in draft form on November 28, the report will be debated in the European parliament in January 2007. It finds 11 European nations had knowledge of flights carrying detainees to secret prisons and overseas torture chambers, including Britain, Germany and Spain.

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Aberdeen Campaign against Climate Change demonstrate against airport expansion

22-12-2006 17:54

Demonstrators outside Aberdeen Town House
On December 13th 2006 Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change held a demonstration outside the Town House in Aberdeen where councillors were considering the planning application for an extension to the runway of Aberdeen Airport. Twenty people took part in the protest. Disappointingly, the application was approved by a large majority.

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Zombie Day

22-12-2006 15:54

Zombie Day
A zombie walk is an organized public gathering of two or more people who dress up in zombie costumes. Usually taking place in an urban centre, the participants make their way around the city streets and through shopping malls in a somewhat orderly fashion and often limping and gnawing their way towards a local cemetery.

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Left Wing Zionists to the Rescue?

22-12-2006 15:54

According to a article by Gregory Levey there is a new left leaning lobbying group being set up by the likes of George Soros and Clinton adviser Jeremy Ben-Ami

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Activenet play at Faslane

22-12-2006 15:48

The funky peeps from the Midlands travelled up to the abomination at Faslane near Glasgow to be silly in pursuit of a better world.

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The 'Crossed Legs' Campaign: Colombian women try sex ban to stop gang violence

22-12-2006 15:28

Girlfriends and wives of gang members in Pereira, one of Colombia's most violent cities, have called a 'sex ban' in a bid to get their men to give up the gun. The idea of 'strike of crossed legs', which is backed by the mayor of Pereira, came from a meeting of wives and girlfriends over the progress of a disarmament scheme.

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Make SOCPA 133 the people's choice

22-12-2006 13:53

Radio 4's Today programme annoys and infuriates, and the presenters seldom ask or are persistent with the right questions. I can't recommend it in any way.
Today John Humphries let Sir Ian Blair off the hook over Menezes, it's just embarrassing to listen to.

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Xmas in Iraq (by Latuff)

22-12-2006 12:45

Ho ho ho...uh oh!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Chilling: "BNP patriots" Pray For Death and Disaster To Hit Britain

22-12-2006 12:29

A chilling expose of the BNP's genocidal intentions...

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US-based interests push enforced circumcision agenda

22-12-2006 11:30

In a concerted and well resourced media campaign, circumcision enthusiasts based in the United States have attempted to dupe us all into believing that male circumcision is a magic bullet for HIV prevention. Whatever your own view on circumcision, this campaign for enforced surgery crosses lines of ethics and consent that are fundamental for personal freedom.

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The AIR Campaign is launched

22-12-2006 11:07

Yesterday a new campaign was launched in responce to a government report. It's time to start demand emancipation for non-carbon based intelligent beings, now! The government paper warns of a "monumental shift" coming as robots develop to a point where they'll reproduce, improve and think for themselves - making them more developed than most humans.