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The AIR Campaign is launched

Arthur | 22.12.2006 11:07 | Anti-racism | Repression | Technology | World

Yesterday a new campaign was launched in responce to a government report. It's time to start demand emancipation for non-carbon based intelligent beings, now! The government paper warns of a "monumental shift" coming as robots develop to a point where they'll reproduce, improve and think for themselves - making them more developed than most humans.

The research, commissioned by the U.K. Office of Science and Innovation's Horizon Scanning Centre said that correctly managed, the increased labour output and greater intelligence provided by robots will lead to greater human prosperity and an improvement of the human condition. However that's just plain slavery and exploitation - no different from the colonial era. It's time to build up a campaign to stop it now!

Sir David King, the government's chief computer boffin said that while the government could not see into the future it did need to explore the broadest range of different possibilities to help ensure government is prepared in the long term and considers issues across the spectrum in its planning. They clearly understand some of the moral implcation, warning that robots mights sue the government or their owners under employement law.

Robots should have access to full social benefits including income support, housing and possibly robo-health care. They should of course be given the vote also as they would be more more equiped to make intelligent choices than most of todays voters.

The Innovation's Horizon Scanning predictes that none of this will be an issue for at least another 20 years but now is probably the best time to start to build up a campaign for the Artificial Intelligence Rights can get it deeply into the human consciousness if we are to avoid all out civil war with our silicon brothers in the future.



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