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more arrests under so-called anti-terrorism laws

29-01-2002 14:18

Six more arrested under the 'anti-terrorism' laws; and hey, guess what, they're all Muslims! Not that this is a war on Islam, no no no...

Link to BBC report:

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Defend Australian Asylum Seekers

29-01-2002 13:11

Join Campaign to defend asylum seekers in Australia

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Bayer's history

29-01-2002 10:43

Looking at Bayer's past it is hardly possible to imagine a worse company to entrust with the development and commercialisation of such an unwanted, unpredictable and
potentially dangerous technology as GM crops.

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Pipelineistan, Part 1

29-01-2002 07:04

Read part 2 by clicking on the rense link...

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Want security? Give the Palestinians freedom

29-01-2002 05:20

Want security? Give the Palestinians freedom
A Palestinian youth wearing a gas mask rides his bicycle during clashes with Israeli soldiers near the office of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat in the West Bank town of Ramallah, January 25, 2002. A Palestinian suicide bomber wounded at least 14 people in an attack on a Tel Aviv pedestrian mall on Friday as Israel and the Palestinians plunged deeper into violence that defies U.S.-led truce efforts. (Osama Silwadi/Reuters)

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29-01-2002 04:50

***Cacerolazo: Spanish word for the act of making noise by clanging pots and pans in public spaces.***

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You are Palestinian! (cartoon by Latuff)

29-01-2002 03:40

You are Palestinian! (cartoon by Latuff)
Copyright-free cartoon by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of brave Palestinian people.

Support International Campaign for Justice for the Victims of Sabra & Shatila. Click on the link below for details.

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Did the US go to war with Afghanistan for Central Asian oil and gas?

29-01-2002 02:14

Did the US go to war with Afghanistan for Central Asian oil and gas? They clearly distrust the White Houses jingoistic bombast about defending freedom and western values from evil Islamics. (article 1)

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January 31, 2002 is the new date of Ayaba Cho Lucas court trial in Iserlohn

29-01-2002 01:56

January 31, 2002 is the new date of Ayaba Cho Lucas court trial in Iserlohn at 12h, in Geramny

Intimidation Process against Ayaba Cho Lucas in Iserlohn, prosecuted for denouncing deportation and criminilisation of refugee

Ayaba Cho Lucas, Cameroonian, a human right activist and a coordinator of The VOICE Africa Forum in NRW is charged by officials of the Foreigners’ Office (Ausländerbehörde) for "insult" – a clear intimidation process against denouncing deportation. Protest will take placen on Thursday, 31.01.2002, at 12 noon in front of the Inferior Court (Amtsgericht) in Iserlohn.

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indyamedia has more reader then any European Newspaper!

29-01-2002 01:51

indyamedia has more reader then any European Newspaper! I received today an email from the SPIEGEL Germany , a old friend of my past time and he confirmed that indyamedia is becoming so popular that it has more reader then any other European Newspaper or magazin. He explained that maybe AOL will come up with close website to indyamedia for Europe.

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US held responsible for conditions in Afghan jail

29-01-2002 01:45

America was condemned
yesterday for conditions in an
Afghan jail where more than 3,000
Taliban and al-Qai'da fighters are
being held in conditions described
as overcrowded and unhygienic,
and where inadequate food and
medical supplies have led to

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Green Anarchist 64 now out

28-01-2002 23:47

New issue of Green Anarchist magazine now out!

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Living in a spun world

28-01-2002 23:15

Anything the main media tell you - believe the reverse. Health, politics,ethics,standards, emotions, sexuality, relationships - all subjected to a barrage of spin. An embracing yet fragile spectacle. Reject the lot - in your heart, if not in your daily activity. That produces a dilemma. But we can live with it. Things are changing.

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Raisethefist interview from San Francisco IM

28-01-2002 22:47

Sherman of raisethefist talls the story on sf indtmedia

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28-01-2002 22:09


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ITNET announce £12.6 million profits

28-01-2002 21:59

ITNET, the controversial systems and service provider who were in control of the Hackney council benefits systemup until last year, have announced big profits for the last financial year.

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International ‘cacerolazo’ in support of women in Argentina and the global south

28-01-2002 21:44

International ‘cacerolazo’ in support of women in Argentina and the global south
The first cacerolazo (pots & pans protest) called by WinWages (Women’s International Network for Waged for Caring Work) took place in heavy rain in London, England, on Saturday 26 January 2002 at 2pm, in front of the World Bank. (article 1)

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28-01-2002 19:03

Heavily armed with high-powered machine guns, shot guns, and hand guns, the FBI, Secret Service, and Los Angeles Police Department sorounded the founder of in his house. WILL THEY TRY THIS ON WITH INDYMEDIA?

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Indymedia's Radio Group Will Produce a Live Internet Broadcast

28-01-2002 18:49

Indymedia Radio (D.R.O.P. project) will cover the following actions and events this coming weekend with a live 24/7 stream
1. The World Social Forum in Potro Alegre, Brazil
2. The World Economic Forum and protests in New York City
3. The Nato Security Summit and protests in Munich
4. Additional Programming from India, the UK, San Franscisco and Seattle, amongst others.

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Oil corporations and the fall of Toqayev

28-01-2002 18:35

Kazakhstan's Prime Minister Qasymzhomart Toqayev quit his job today, forcing the entire government to resign. Last November, Toqayev had accused foreign oil companies of undermining the government for their interests. Did President Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan's dictator, bow to pressure from oil companies?